“Unsafe to the Community”

Why not stop policing altogether?

Diane Abbott wants stop and search REMOVED to bring down London’s knife crime epidemic

Why are we sleepwalking into yet another Middle Eastern quagmire based on unproven claims about weapons of mass destruction? This is absurd.

Halal meat not labeled in some most stores due to fear of Islamophobia

Not because of “Islamophobia”, simply because people reject paying an Islamic tax on their food.

Halal meat isn’t always labeled, and you could be eating it without knowing.

According to a report by Harvest Public Media, some retailers buy halal meat but don’t label it as such, as they’re concerned that Islamophobic sentiments might drive down sales.

“They may feel it’s not necessary to mention that it’s halal and, in some cases, they may fear a backlash,” Haroon Latif, who researches the U.S. Halal market, told Harvest Public Media.

Why would Muslims “fear” an imaginary “backlash” when they tell us that they trust in allah?

The Purge Is Here: Diamond & Silk Silenced By Facebook

“I don’t believe in big government, but I do believe that maybe our government should look at the social media platforms,” Diamond said. “Because let me tell you something, they dominate about 90% of the world now. Think about that. I’m talking about the world. Not just the United States. I’m talking about the world. So that means that they can silence your voice and it will only be one point of view and that is dangerous.”

“I call that dictatorship. So, I believe that maybe the government should start looking at these here entities and maybe I don’t think regulate them, but if they see you violating someone’s free speech now you are in trouble.”

“You are talking about two people here when you say Diamond and Silk. We are the brand. So, when you say things like we are ‘not safe’ for the community what are you trying to say? What are you trying to do? Are you trying to demonize us into something? Are you stereotyping us? What are you trying to do here? Because this doesn’t feel right. This here feels like racism. The left always cries racism. I see racism right here.”

Facebook threatens Voice of Europe for criticising Mohammedan migration

Our statistics have  fallen to very low levels because we posted a news message that criticised migration.

Hungary’s Prime Minister once said: “Europe is not free, because freedom begins with speaking the truth. In Europe today it is forbidden to speak the truth.”

Diamond and Silk Call on Trump to Probe Social Media Giants

NEW YORK — The YouTube sensations known as Diamond and Silk, former Democrats who left the party to support President Donald Trump, called on the Trump administration to probe social media giants over allegations of singling out certain political viewpoints.

The outspoken pro-Trump duo made the call two days after they took to their Facebook page on Friday to say that they were informed by Facebook that the Internet giant deemed their content and videos to be “unsafe to the community.”

 Slovakia’s PM “Slovakia will never accept a single Muslim Migrant”

The Prime Minister of Slovakia explains why his country will never accept immigrants and refugees who do not share Western values.

Every country has the right to defend itself by closing its borders and deporting illegal immigrants back to where they came from.
No country has the right to force Slovakia to open its borders to free immigration from the Middle East”.

 And here’s the big story of the day:
Robert Mueller has spent over a year and found NO TRUMP/RUSSIA COLLUSION! Now he’s exceeded the scope of the investigation base on no proof of collusion! needs to FIRE Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein and Jeff Sessions!

2 thoughts on ““Unsafe to the Community””

  1. Since criminals expect that all is generally allowed unless and until it is very specifically disallowed in advance, to them the only real crime is trying to prevent them from doing whatever they want to do, to whomever they want to do it to, and whenever they want to do it. Such attempts are always seen by them as “mean!” or more recently, “HATEFUL!”

  2. Resistance to fake globalism and degenerate ideologies to destroy the foundations of the Western Civilisation is an ethical and strategic duty. The resistance of the Eastern Block in Europe is an example, which is spreading and recalling to senses many Europeans. However we have been told from ancient the current trend will because mix of clay and iron on all lands and derived expansion of former Roman Empire. Amongst the major differences this time is that Caesar will not be “Judeo-Christian” but a devotee to the “God of the fortresses” – come on… We know who this one is – aiming at being himself God over all. The “abomination of the desolation” in the Temple is the objective of a dark force mixed to a good one aiming at the reconstruction of the ancient sanctuary in the old Jerusalem. The weakening of Christendom – especially of the biblical conserative is a strategic necessity for such dark force to take over. It is a war in progress, if which the ordinary European/Western citizen knows little or Nil.
    The outcome of such war will produce a severe clash and eventually a fierce persecution with a formal defeat on the Conservative side, which will appear definitive, while instead only temporarily – 7 years, with a peak of 1260+30+45 days from the taking of Jerusalem by a globalist coalition.
    Europe is in the middle of such epocal storm and cought by a weakened immune system due to the poison of many secular ideologies and degeneration of ethics and and linked heritage values system and vision.

    The key factor of the resistance is therefore a think-tank of spiritual nature capable to recover from such poison injected especially in the last 100 tears and understand the crisis from a genuine historical and philosophical perspective. It is not an easy operation..
    as our academic institutions have been infested by traitors, delusional intellectuals and therefore dangerous Trojan horses and sold out politicians.
    Make no mistakes: the dome of the “Brotherhood of the Global Cake” is behind the scene of the visible agents and line of enemies, as even George and his friends are not the real Luciferian Mastermind.
    Be assured that includes of national debt and interest (Nashak) is a key factor in taking over – this is why the U.S. has been handed out closer to 20 trillions and Australia moved to zero debt towards one trillion.

    In the Luciferian equation… one essential factor has been forgotten but the same Brotherhood of the Global Cake and it’s pseudo-theocrats: God… the real One.

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