What Exactly Are “Vital American interests?”

Assad is likely laughing off Trump’s strikes on Syria.

Theresa May. Unable to act decisively against radical Islam in the UK but able to quickly support it in Syria. Our Leaders betray us by the day. Enough is enough.

Paul Joseph Watson:

Attacking a foreign nation that has not attacked or threatened America is globalist interventionism.

This is not ‘America First’. This is not what Trump was elected for.

Katie Hopkins:

History teaches us that when you bomb middle eastern countries, our British sons & daughters pay the ultimate price – at concerts, on bridges, in the streets. For what? Secular Assad v Al Queda. 

The U.S. war machine bombs Syria. No evidence Assad did it. Warmongers hijacking policy. Should we congratulate Trump  for adopting the same failed foreign policies  as Hussein Obama and that of the hapless George W. Bush?

Ahmad Hassoun Grand Mufti of Syria threatening Europe and America:

Thank God we still have a strong, righteous, left-wing anti-war movement to speak out against attacking Syria. (Silence.)

Let’s take down that  evil Animal Assad! Because the people who will take over after he’s gone will be so liberal, democratic, secular, and tolerant.

A timely reminder of the total mess we left behind in Libya after bombing the hell out of it. Those who advocated don’t talk about it much nowadays. Jihadis, slave markets and gangsters running around armed to the teeth.

There is no proof Assad was responsible for the gas attack, and bombing ‘isn’t about regime change’. So if it wasn’t actually him this won’t deter him, and if it was his enemies it will encourage theme to do it again. If Assad goes we get something worse. Make sense?

John Brennan Rages at Donald Trump for Calling Comey a ‘Slime Ball’


Buthaina Shaaban made the remarks to Lebanon’s Hezbollah-tied television.

And they come just as President Donald Trump is debating what to do with Syria, which stands accused of unleashing chemical warfare — again — against its own citizens. The Times of Israel has more.

In other news:

Malkin: Soros, ‘Left-Wing Character Assassins’ Behind Efforts to Silence Conservatives

‘An undeniable cloud over free expression.’

“Media Matters has been at the forefront of the speech squelchers, who are highly organized, incredibly disciplined and obviously deeply funded, not only by George Soros but by a number of left-wing foundations,” Malkin said.

What is the FBI hiding in its war to protect Comey?

There is no doubt that the deep state is in deep cover-up mode. The FBI, Justice Department and the special counsel all are stonewalling our requests for Comey documents. The more they stonewall, the deeper the suspicions grow about Comey’s complicity in the entire attempt to use the bogus Trump dossier to prevent the election of Donald Trump, and then use it to undermine his presidency once he was elected to office. In my experience in Washington, when people refuse to come clean, it is usually because they are hiding dirty laundry.

2 thoughts on “What Exactly Are “Vital American interests?””

  1. Vital American interests are Jewish interests.

    Netanyahu confirms to Jewish voters: the USA is Israel’s bitch

    Wars were planned: 7 nations in 5 years. General Wesley Clark

    Time to wakey, wakey.

    The U.S. is going to war. And the reason is bound up with the question – who owns the private, central bank that owns the U.S. government as a corporate asset? And what are the bank’s interests? Short answer : World War III is in the bank’s interests. They are building the New World Order in which all the wealth of nations rolls into their cartel.

    1. The Rothschilds are only nominally Jewish.

      Yes, the most successful evil people in the world probably are Jews – but so are the most successful good people.


      Because Jews succeed at everything they do!

      ‘White’ nationalists whining about “Da Jooz!” all the time is exactly the same sort of thing as Black Lives Matter blaming whitey for everything.

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