Who decides what is fake news and what isn’t fake news?

Quiet, Nazi. You only want free speech so that you can say bad things.

Londonistan: Mayor Sadiq Khan Learns to Like Free Speech

Khan is egging on his fellow moonbats to stage demonstrations to make the visiting U.S. President look bad.

The hypocritical Khan is actually no fan of free speech. He has even come to the USA to denounce free speech online.

The irony of a left-wing British pol bleating about the “liberal” value of free speech is downright pungent when you consider what happened to Lauren Southern, Martin Sellner, and Brittany Pettibone when they tried to visit the U.K. to exercise free speech. They were detained and forbidden from entering the country on suspicion of being thought criminals. Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, and Geert Wilders have also been forbidden entry into Britain lest they say something that people like Khan don’t want heard.

Not to worry, help is on the way:

European Union Advocates For Soros-Funded ‘Independent Fact Checkers’ to Combat ‘Fake News’

The European Commission has proposed new measures to tackle disinformation and so-called ‘fake news’ online, including an EU-wide code of practice on disinformation and support for an “independent fact-checking network.”

The EU Commission announced the new proposal earlier this week, arguing that the new measures would “stimulate quality journalism and promote media literacy,” according to a press release published on the Commission’s website.

Several other “fact-checking” services, including the German Correctiv, have also been linked back to Soros and the Open Society Foundations. (Read the whole thing)

EUSSR Comrade Jean-Claude Juncker celebrates Karl Marx’s 200th Anniversary…

JUNCKER is set to pay tribute to Karl Marx at a celebration of the father of Communism’s 200th anniversary in Germany, leading to accusations he has forgotten about the many millions of victims of his ideology.

The European Commission President will travel to Trier, Germany, where he will give a speech to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth.–More here.


Romanian president on Friday asked Prime Minister Viorica Dancila to resign amid row over the latter’s plans to move the country’s embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

In other news:

Hussein Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize for instigating chaos all across the world and emboldening the enemies of the United States. By this standard, not only should Trump receive 100 awards, but the award should be named after him. The Trump Peace Prize.

DemocRats CHEERED when Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize immediately after being elected, before he could “accomplish” anything. But now they want to RIDICULE Trump for achieving something that no other President before him could? Get real.

Former CIA Director-turned-Twitter troll, John Brennan issued President Trump a warning Friday morning after the House Intel Panel released their much-anticipated Russia report, officially clearing Trump.

There was no Trump-Russia collusion. End the witch hunt now and start prosecuting all involved in the attempted coup.

The “professional investigators” Brennan is referring to on Mueller’s team is a who’s who of corrupt and conflicted Obama and Hillary cronies. 

Tucker: House report has no collusion, but ‘deep state’

House Intel Committee release report that finds ‘no evidence’ of collusion between the Russian government and Trump campaign. However in has insight on former DNI James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan and the ‘deep state’ work #Tucker

North Korea Proclaims Status as ‘World-Level Politico-Ideological and Military Power’

N. Korea Proclaims Status as ‘World-Level Military Power’…

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