Canberra Mosque “Spreading the Message of Islam”

Kuwait’s Ambassador inaugurates mosque, Islamic center in Canberra

CANBERRA: Kuwait’s Ambassador to Australia Najeeb Al-Bader (right) is seen during the inauguration ceremony of the Sabah Al-Ahmad Masjid and Islamic Education Centre in Canberra, Australia. — KUNA

The Ambassador stressed in his address that the contribution of the Government of the State of Kuwait to Canberra Islamic Centre intended to help and empower members of the Muslim community to integrate into the Australian society, aimed at spreading the message of Islam, embodied in moderation and tolerance and promoting interreligious and intercultural dialogue, understanding and constructive cooperation. He added that the establishment of this masjid comes as a part of the efforts of the State of Kuwait to clarify and correct stereotypes and misconceptions about Islam through the most powerful method which is spreading knowledge as it eradicate ignorance and prejudice. …

Islam, the most misunderstood religion the world has ever (not) known….

….this masjid and educational center will Have a leading role in showing the distinctive Islamic heritage and culture, as well as clarifying the moderate ideology of Islam which is based on tolerance,” he said.

That means the infidels have to tolerate it, or else…

4 thoughts on “Canberra Mosque “Spreading the Message of Islam””

  1. WHAT !!!
    … “Kuwait’s Ambassador inaugurates mosque, Islamic center in Canberra” [sic]

    WHO !!!
    … allowed this crime to take place !!!
    … ““The centre so far has been supported by the Australian government and the rest of the community [Really!!!]. It’s not just a mosque, it’s a school, a library, it’s a meeting point,” he said” – [A spokesperson from the Kuwait embassy in Canberra]

    Yeah – This Treasonous Lot Again !!!
    … Our “authorities” (aka our treasonous islamophile politicians bureaucrats and (w)academics) at work securing Australia for their islam Lords & Masters !!!

    Who’da thought
    … Turnbull Shorten Wong Bishop et al. !!

    Remove and Permanently “incarcerate them all
    … every last treasonous one of them !!!

    1. Then the invader islams and the diversifier criminal African tribals can be stopped entering and the currently here removed !!!

  2. Just another Forward Operating Base of the Allah Gang/ mohammedan mob.

    A centre for indcitement and indoctrination of the ummah, and non-stop attempts to disinform the kuffar and ‘groom’ them for slavish dhimmitude.

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