Human Rights, “Our” ABC, Gay Cartoonists & Muslims Who Fail To Integrate

Just wait until the Mustards rule Sweden. They know exactly what to do with homosexual cartoonists:

The Swedish language version of the classic comic book hero ‘The Phantom’ has been mocked by a Polish broadcaster after an issue was released of the superhero beating up “Polish nationalists” with a gay pride flag.

The story occurs in the latest issue of Sweden’s Fantomen magazine which sees the Phantom, a popular superhero in Sweden who was created by United States comic book artists in 1936, attend a gay pride parade in Warsaw and attack “Polish nationalists” who protest the event, Aftonbladet reports.

Armed with a gay pride flag on a flagpole, the Phantom attacks the nationalists after declaring: “I have to act quickly before blood flows on the streets!”

Australia doesn’t need a Race Kommissar:

Indeed, we should trim the sails of the inept Australian Human Rights Commission, writes Janet Albrechtsen.

 Applications have opened for the position of race discrimination commissioner. So, here’s mine. I’m sending it direct to Attorney-General Christian Porter because, let’s face it, it won’t make it past the bevy of risk-averse bureaucrats tasked with drawing up a shortlist of risk-averse applicants.  (Full post below the fold)

Ex-Green Muselmaniac hired by ABC

Osman is the replacement Mustard for the insufferable Yazzmin al Maggot: “The white people are getting f..ked Yas, it’s happening,” to which Abdel-Mageid replied: “Hahahaha….”


  • Osman Faruqi has left his job at pop website Junkee for public broadcaster ABC
  • He will serve as deputy editor of a new lifestyle section of ABC’s website
  • A spokesman said Mr Faruqi will be included in ‘a new digital storytelling project’
  • Up to 20 employees will be made redundant during an upcoming restructure

Mr Faruqi is in a legal battle with Mark Latham regarding comments the former Labor leader made on his ‘Outsiders’ YouTube program.

Mr Faruqi launched defamation proceedings seeking damages and legal costs after Mr Latham reportedly accused Mr Faruqi of ‘anti-white racism’.

Vehicle Jihad:

Illegal Migrant Runs over French Police Officer

Australia: Muslim who murdered his neighbor while screaming “Allahu akbar” pleads not guilty due to mental illness

Muslims migrants are failing to integrate – Statistics prove
 The leftist narrative that all immigrants are able to integrate into Western nationsis flat out wrong, and I’ve got some statistics that prove a disturbing amount of Muslims migrants are failing to adopt our values.
Statistics from Europe and North America show many  Muslim immigrants support the imposition of Sharia law, blasphemy laws, and believe violence against non-Muslims to be justified.
 ALL Muslims must believe in the supremacy of Islam. Enforcement of Sharia law includes murder for blasphemy and violence against non-Muslims is always justified. So is violence against other Muslims who step out of line.

Israel: Terror Groups Using Gaza Protests as Cover to Kidnap IDF Soldiers

Israel: Terror Groups Using Gaza Protests as Cover to Kidnap IDF Soldiers

Its your ABC:


They had to replace Yassmin al Maggot with with another Mustard:

The ABC’s latest hire? Osman Faruqi, a former Greens staffer and candidate whose tweets attacking whites are called “maybe racist” even by the ABC’s Media Watch. Rowan Dean is astonished.

From the Religion of Peace:

No, we don’t need a Race Huckster in Chief

Illustration: Eric LobbeckeIllustration: Eric Lobbecke

To paraphrase the Race Discrimination Act, the role of the race discrimination commissioner is to promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among racial and ethnic groups. As a long-time believer in the wonders of integration, having learned from parents who came to Australia as migrants, this is an easy box to tick. As migrants in the late 1950s, my parents arrived with no claim to be Danish-Australians. They were Australian. No hyphen needed. They learned the language, far from perfectly, but well enough to make friends, tell jokes, join clubs and raise children who loved Australia, too.

Theirs was a lived experience of hard work, refusing to fall back on welfare even when it was offered; of tolerance and friendship that grew from integration and responsibility to a new country. My parents wouldn’t have known the word multiculturalism, let alone the muddle-headed cultural relativism that underpinned it.

Mr Porter, you suggested that Tim Soutphommasane, who leaves the post in August, will be replaced with someone who has “an understanding and empathy not merely for minority groups but for middle Australian values”.

Oh, you are a dreadful tease. There are mainstream values embedded into the ABC charter that have been ignored forever; not even a quid pro quo of receiving more than $1 billion from taxpayers can convince the public broadcaster to employ a conservative voice to represent Australians with similar values.

But let’s suspend disbelief and ignore the long history of ideological romps by quangos such as the ABC, not to mention the history of the Australian Human Rights Commission too. If the next race commissioner is to be someone who understands middle Australian values, here, Mr Porter, are a few to discuss in our interview.

Immigration: It’s great for the country, so long as we control the numbers. Those who demand open borders live far from the suburbs where new arrivals live, where unemployment is higher, schools are fuller and roads are clogged, not to mention the social bumps that emerge when you encourage a multiculturalism that divides people rather than unites them. Mainstream Australians understand it’s not all about the food: having access to good Middle Eastern falafel doesn’t secure social integration.

Education: Could we stick to imparting knowledge to kids to produce smart adults rather than trying to socially engineer students who think a certain way? Increasingly, kids are immersed in the politics of division: from history to geography to English, especially at university, people are being hived off into groups under the modern banner of identity politics and white privilege.

Welfare: It’s critical as a safety net, rotten as a lifestyle. If we are serious about ending exclusion, start with the generations of people, indigenous and non-indigenous, who have been stuck in a cycle of hand-outs, poor health outcomes, family dysfunction. That’s exclusion.

Families: In mainstream Australia, family and marriage matter because that’s what’s best for kids. There are good reasons well-educated, financially secure people are likelier to marry, even while some among them may say it’s dreadfully impolite to make judgments about family structure.

Race: If the colour of your skin, your race, religion and sexuality shouldn’t count against you in a liberal democracy, it follows that the colour of your skin, your race, religion and sexuality shouldn’t provide preferential treatment either. That’s only fair. And let’s keep race out of our Constitution.

And on that note, let’s discuss political correctness, Attorney-General. Surely you need someone who can spot the genuine epi­sodes of unconscious bias rather than politically correct imaginings. Like the time the race dis­crimination commissioner pre­judged a cartoon by that fine Aus­tralian Bill Leak, who didn’t have a racist bone in his body. When the cartoon was published in 2016, Soutphommasane said: “Our society shouldn’t endorse racial ster­eotyping of Aboriginal Australians or any other racial or ethnic group.” He said “a significant number” of people would agree the cartoon was a racial stereotype of Aborig­inal Australians and he urged anyone who was offended to lodge a complaint under the act, tweeting news of his comments. Prejudging Bill’s cartoon was unconscious bias at its worst.

Mainstream Australians un­derstand that the obsession with “unconscious bias” is a bureaucratic make-work exercise, not a true reflection of Australia today. Like multiculturalism in the 1970s, it has become a fad of bureaucrats such as Soutphommasane to try to make their positions relevant. They keep dreaming up new words and phrases such as toxic masculinity, white male privilege and unconscious bias, using a few anecdotes to suggest broad phenomena. It’s a rotten ruse to secure their jobs.

It’s a safe bet that very few people in mainstream Australia get excited by, let alone know about, these expensive make-work projects by the AHRC. But they get worked up when they learn the AHRC didn’t have the common sense to throw out, under powers it had, a wicked and expensive claim against three Queensland University of Technology students who posted a few flippant comments on Facebook.

I’d wager, too, that mainstream Australians were miffed that they funded a former AHRC boss who politicised her role. Remember when Gillian Triggs contradicted herself when she fronted a Senate estimates committee to explain why she didn’t call an inquiry into children in detention when Labor was in power and children were going into detention in record numbers but waited until 2014 — after Tony Abbott became prime minister.

A few years ago George Brandis, then attorney-general, remarked that, among the many make-work projects of the AHRC, “I do not see a freedom project in the Human Rights Commission.” Triggs answered: “We have had an emphasis on the proper limitations of freedom of speech.” In mainstream Australia, snubbing the fundamental human right to freedom of expression is a sign of a human rights commission that has lost its moral compass.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about the problem with bureaucracies. This may do me out of the job, but here goes. The government should stop sticking its hand in our pockets to fund featherbedded public servants trying to impose utopian and dopey social plans on us. Mainstream Australians may not have read Adam Smith and Milton Friedman but they understand one reality about bureaucracies. Just as Smith stated that the law of the invisible hand where people who seek their own benefit in a free market are led by an invisible hand that serves a public interest, Friedman added the rev­erse invisible hand to bureau­cra­cies: people who intend to serve the public interest are led by an invisible hand to serve private interests, usually their own.

From that flows that other reality about bureaucracies. When a private enterprise stuffs up, the boss pays the price; when a bureaucracy stuffs up, the boss usually argues that more money and a bigger bureaucracy are needed to sort out the mess.

That brings me to the real reason for writing to the Attorney-General. If you’re reading this alone, then the best candidate for race discrimination commissioner is staring you in the face, Mr Porter: no one. We don’t need a new race discrimination commission­er. Try this social experiment: trim the sails of the AHRC, and its funding, and see what happens.

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  1. “Try this social experiment: trim the sails of the AHRC, and its funding, and see what happens.”

    Hear Hear

    Emphasis on “and the funding”

  2. Israel should hijack some more Australian identities for those IDF at risk of getting kidnapped by terrorists on the Gaza Border. And ZOGusa should send more money. No 1 Shabbos Goy Regime in ZOGusa already sends 8 million a day to Israel

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