Is Our Bigotry & Islamophobia Worse Than Islamic Terrorism?

You couldn’t make it up:

In Canuckistan, nothing is worse than “Islamophobia” & Trump:

Quebec Mosque Shooter Was Consumed by Refugees, Trump and Far Right

Sometimes it felt as if Islamophobia was on trial. Mr. Bissonnette was not charged with terrorism, prompting outcries from Muslim groups that, if his name had been Muhammad, the charges would have been different.

Quebec Mosque Attack Forces Canadians to Confront a Strain of Intolerance

Mustards are victims; Canucks are bigots & racist Islamophobes:

…..mosques were being firebombed or vandalized. Women wearing head scarfs were spat upon, pushed and kicked in public places. Muslim Canadians reported feeling psychologically interned, as if under suspicion, surveillance and siege.—The Bigotry That Armed the Quebec Mosque Attacker

Paris court fines French author for calling the migrant crisis a “Muslim invasion” and warning of a civil war

Paris court of appeal fined Eric Zemmour 5,000 euros for inciting hatred against Muslims, TRT reports.  Back in 2016 Zemmour talked about the “Islamic invasion” that France was facing and he warned about the risks of a religious civil war in France.

In their verdict Tuesday, the judges found that the Jewish-French author had, in a 2016 TV interview, incited hatred against Muslims.

Australia under attack from political correctness

Kevin Donnelly Spectator Australia 5 May 2018

Douglas Murray in The Strange Death Of Europe argues that ‘Europe is committing suicide’ as a result of enemies within and without. The first involves Europe having ‘lost faith in its beliefs, traditions and legitimacy’ as the cultural-Left’s political correctness movement sees nothing beneficial or worthwhile about the history, institutions and values on which Western civilisatio…

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The dumbest sign ever. The twat holding it up looks even dumber.

Afghanistan: 11 Muslims dead as bomb they were constructing in mosque detonates prematurely

All those who insist that all religions are equally likely to produce “extremists” should give the details of the last time a bomb was being constructed inside a church or synagogue.

Artworks in Italy censored and covered with blankets for visiting Muslims

Preemptive dhimmitude is annoying. Far worse is the destruction of priceless art, which Italy preserved over millennia. The soldiers of allah destroy monuments, statues & other kinds of artworks because they see any depiction of the human body as blasphemous.

Bishop’ Additional $15 million Humanitarian assistance to Myanmar

 There’s a sucker born every minute….  Why is the Australian gov’t  supporting jihad against the Buddhist people of Burma?
 Mustards must be educated at our expense:
Sweden to Spend Millions for Migrant Sexual Education

” Describing the need for the programme as “extremely urgent”, Minister of Social Affairs Annika Strandhäll said: “We find that some of the women in this group of new arrivals come from communities where there are completely different norms, laws, and regulations.

“This project gives this group of women better opportunities to gain knowledge about the sexual and reproductive rights in Sweden.”

Donald Trump branded a ‘disgrace’ for saying knife crime has turned London hospital into a ‘war zone’

A disgrace? The disgrace is that this problem has now spread throughout what was once great Britain. The truth hurts. You have to remember that half the parliament consists of Mohammedans. 

Multiculti explained:

 Multiculturalism was made up by self-loathing rat bastards to pretend that inferior cultures and superior cultures are equal. It exists to tell nice lies about rotten cultures and rotten lies about great cultures. The UN exemplifies this lie, with “Islam means peace” its biggest lie.

5 thoughts on “Is Our Bigotry & Islamophobia Worse Than Islamic Terrorism?”

  1. That Sign …
    … it’s called self preservation
    (Better to Purge islamophiles islams & islam … “Globally) !!!

    And AH!
    … What’s a MUSIM
    (The dumbest sign ever Just Got Even Dumber. The twat holding it up NOW looks even MORE dumber … who thought that was possible)

    1. Irrespectively …
      These Leftoids” / “islamophiles who demonstrate for invader islams and diversifier African tribals right to enter and remain …

      along with their marxist controllers are all guilty of …

      and along with those islamophile “authorities are to be …
      Removed from their positions of interference and Permanently “incarcerated

  2. The linked to article by Mr Donnelly was a reasonable assessment. The 2nd last paragraph regarding ‘failure to assimilate’ was wide of the mark though. They have no intention to do so and even if they do very few have the cognitive ability to succeed. There is a whole underclass of white people who find this task beyind them and turn to welfare rort and criminal behaviour so why expect it arrivals from 3rd world countries. Muslims who might be able to do so will not because Allah has explicitly told them NOT to. More generally with many of them they are clan/tribal based societies who stick together but project their fear of the other onto that other and will only eliminate that fear and achieve peace by eliminating all outside the tribe. Mohammed’s genius was to recognise this and tap into it by means of making it one big tribe, still unrelentingly hostile to all outside the tribe. The failure regarding assimilation was on the part the people who thought it might work.

  3. Julie Bishop: Today I announce that the Australian Government is providing further assistance (an additional $13 million on top of the original $15 million) to address the needs of people affected by humanitarian crises in Myanmar, including in Rakhine and Kachin States.” [sic]
    (Julie Bishop – aiding and assisting the islam invasion of Burma) !!!

    Julie Bishop: “Today I announce that I am a Traitor and also guilty of Sedition and Subversion
    … and backstabbing
    … and the misappropriation of funds” !

    … Today Julie Isabel Bishop (born 17 July 1956) has been removed from her elected Australian Government positions of “authority and permanently “incarcerated
    … for Treason/Sedition/Subversion
    … and theft !!!
    … and the illegal use and possession of a knife

    Julie Isabel Bishop (born 17 July 1956)
    … on a par with John Malcolm Fraser (; 21 May 1930 – 20 March 2015))
    … as are also her PC’d mind controlled hive associates !!!

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