Still don’t believe Islam is about conquest?

Educational: Bill Warner answers questions about political Islam

Still not sure about the Islamic expansion project?

Muslims cheer the renaming of Victory Square in front of Notre Dame Cathedral to ‘Nakba’ which means Muslim catastrophe

Here’s a good one:

There’s no such thing as British culture but Ramadan is part of British culture and multiculturalism is our strength but it’s also our punishment for the British empire and you can’t feel proud of your ancestors but you should feel guilty about that. Understood, you racists?

We all know ISIS have nothing to do with Islam… We join an Islamic apologetic class instructing students to go out and preach to the infidels online that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. Huge thanks to the one and only Sye Ten Atheist who animated this video in such a glorious way. If you haven’t already, go subscribe for brilliant entertaining content.

‘EU’s moment of truth’

Macron’s plan for more Eurozone integration are on the brink of collapse with a eurosceptic Italian government set to take power tonight

EMMANUEL MACRON’S over-reaching Eurozone reforms face a “moment of truth” as the Frenchman frantically attempts to recruit support before Italy’s new eurosceptic government can scupper the plans.

EU news Emmanuel Macron Angela Merkel reform ItalyEU news: Emmanuel Macron faces threat to reform as Germany panics over anti-EU Italy government

New Italian Government Expected Monday After Eurosceptic, Anti-Mass Migration Coalition Agreed


The Lega Nord and the 5-Star Movement have reached an agreement on a new Italian government. A law professor named Giuseppe Conte will become prime minister of the coalition, while Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Lega, will be interior minister, and Luigi Di Maio of the 5-Star Movement will become minister of labor.

Coalition partner party leaders will go to the Quirinal Palace Monday evening to meet with Sergio Mattarella, the Italian President, to officially form a populist, Eurosceptic government which has prompted panicked headlines across the continent.

The emergence of the League (‘La Lega’, northern Italy, tax-reforming, anti-mass migration) and Five Star (southern Italy, anti-establishment) coalition follows months of hard-fought negotiations since the national elections in early March.

Italian Populists Ready to Launch Coalition Govt Which Could ‘Pierce Brussels Through the Heart’ 

A reminder:

Islam is a civilization extinguisher, a doctrine of death, Conceived in a barbarous brain for the use of a barbarous people, it was and it will remain—incapable of adapting itself to civilization. Wherever it has dominated, it has broken the impulse towards progress and checked the evolution of society. 

To sum up: the Muslim has borrowed everything from other nations, literature, art, science, and even his religious ideas. He has passed it all through the sieve of his own narrow mind, and being incapable of rising to high philosophic conceptions, he has distorted, mutilated and desiccated everything. This destructive influence explains the decadence of Islamic nations and their powerlessness to break away from barbarism.”— Andre Servier (French intellectual in 1922).

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  1. Victory Square is so named because these is where Pope Urban launched the First Crusade against the Islamic Invasion in 1095 A.D.

    Post Christian France wants to get rid of its Christian heritage and traditions – which won the war of Reconquista and beat back the Islamic invasion of Europe for over a thousand years. The Islamic invaders want to replace that with Islam.

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