The Israeli Government & Pamela Geller Are Promoting “Islamophobia” Internationally

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The meshugga prophet of Islam and his fanatical adherents cast terror into the hearts of ‘unbelievers’ – Israel and ‘Zionists’ are then blamed for linking islamic terror to islam – along with the ‘phobia’ islamic terror causes]

Paul Larudee is wagging his finger about the Israeli Governments Role in Promoting Fear of allah’s evil religion:

The Israeli Government Role in Promoting Islamophobia Internationally

by Paul Larudee / May 9th, 2018

… The work of Pamela Geller and the so-called American Freedom Defense Initiative is one of the well-known examples. Geller’s anti-Islam billboards and bus advertisements are familiar to many, as well her so-called “Muhammed Art Exhibit and Contest” in Garland, Texas in 2015, resulting in the police killing of two armed men.

Geller is hardly alone, however.  According to the Center for American Progress, the US has six major organizations that manipulate Islamophobia in order to further US support for Israel. These are the Center for Security Policy, the Society of Americans for National Existence, the Middle East Forum, Jihad Watch, Stop Islamization of America, and the Investigative Project on Terrorism.

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• This article is a revised version of a paper read at the 9th Annual Islamophobia Conference in Berkeley, California, April 29, 2018.

Paul Larudee is one of the founders of the Free Gaza and Free Palestine Movements and an organizer in the International Solidarity Movement. Read other articles by Paul.

In other news:

# The Zionist media reinforces negative stereotripe yet again by reporting on islamic terror:

Mother and two daughters formed Islamic State terror group to carry out attacks in London, court hears

Mr Atkinson told the Old Bailey: “Based on her preparation and discussion, it appears she planned to launch an attack against members of the public, selected largely at random, in the environs of that cultural jewel and most popular of tourist attractions, the British Museum, in central London. …

More on Londonistans emergent muslim culture at

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  1. Given a way to reply to that AssWhole, I would cite:
    al-Anfal 8:12, 57 & 60, “The Life Of Muhammad pg. 326
    at-Taubah 9:120, Tafsir Ibn Kathir “Rewards Of Jihad”
    Hedaya 2.154 & 176
    “The Quranic Concept Of War” pg, 59.

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