‘Racist’ parents pull children from Religious Education classes to stop them from learning about Islam

UK: “Racist”parents are abusing their rights to withdraw their children from religious education because of” intolerant attitudes to Islam”

” A survey of school leaders has revealed that nearly four in 10 respondents said they had received requests from parents to remove their child from RE lessons, with more than 10 per cent stating the reason was down to “racism”. According to the Liverpool Hope University study, school leaders had voiced concerns about “racism or Islamophobia as a motivating factor for parents seeking to exercise the right to withdraw”.

Who are those school leaders who deliberately conflate Islam with race?  Are they brainwashed leftoids or sly Mohammedans? Richard Vaughan, the scribbler who penned this, doesn’t dare to tell.

 Parents are pulling their children out of religious education classes because they do not want them to learn about Islam, research has shown.
A survey of school leaders has revealed that nearly four in 10 respondents said they had received requests from parents to remove their child from RE lessons, with more than 10 per cent stating the reason was down to “racism”. According to the Liverpool Hope University study, school leaders had voiced concerns about “racism or Islamophobia as a motivating factor for parents seeking to exercise the right to withdraw”. Shocked One respondent said they were “shocked” by parents refusing to allow their children to visit a mosque.
Could it be that this “shocked One respondent” was a Mohammedan?
“I found it difficult to understand that the parents thought that this would irrevocably harm their child,” the teacher said. “In the end I couldn’t take the children to the mosque as parents refused to sign the permission slip, but they had to remain in school and learn about mosques from the internet.”
Where does this obligation to “learn about mosques” come from? What necessitates that? Who insists on that and what does that do to our children?
Another added: “I am really concerned about the children of white, British parents who are basing their decision to withdraw on racism.”The report suggested that “media hype” was partly responsible, while it also pointed to campaigns by far-right groups the English Defence League and the British National Party, which called on parents to withdraw their children from lessons about Islam.
Who is that person who is “concerned about the children of white, British parents who are basing their decision to withdraw on racism?”  Why doesn’t Richard Vaughan tell us? Is he an imam?
“Media hype?” Hardly. Did the media hype the vehicle jihad, the acid attacks, the stabbing epidemic, the ‘grooming gangs’ & the organized rape of underage British girls?
Legal withdrawal Researchers gained responses from more than 300 senior leaders. It follows concerns raised by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers last month, which warned parents were abusing their rights to withdraw their children because of intolerant attitudes to Islam. Parents are legally entitled to pull their child from RE classes for religious reasons, but campaigners are now calling on the Government to tighten the rules on withdrawal from lessons.

No one is allowed to have “intolerant attitudes to Islam.” That sounds very much like brainwashing. What say you?

Read more at: https://inews.co.uk/news/education/parents-pull-children-class-stop-learning-islam/

47 thoughts on “‘Racist’ parents pull children from Religious Education classes to stop them from learning about Islam”

  1. Love the photo of all those cute little Anglo British children, praying in the mosque: girls and boys praying happily together, the girls praying in front, the boys praying at the back … heartwarming, isn’t it? And so realistic!

  2. Do muslim children do the same attend other religious schools? if not why not? as islam is not a race it is not racism if you don’t want your child to go to the mosque, my reasons would be I do not want the ideology of islam taught to my child as the truth would not be told ,their beliefs and teachings are not ours,sharia law by which all practicing muslims live by is a cruel law which is a male dominating way to control the lives of their women who are segregated and only worth the value of half of a man.

    1. Totally agree do not let your children learn about Islam it is not a religion it is a totalitarian way of life, with their own military, parliament, and own laws Sharia Law that is totally barbaric which promotes violence.

  3. I do not object to learning about Isdamn so long as the information imparted is true and complete. I object to indoctrination designed to inculcate tolerance of the closest thing to vampireism.

    There is no valid educational objective in the mosque visit. It is about familiarization and a false impression of Isdamn.

    In the matter of mosques: every mosque in Dar al-Harb is a rajab: a military outpost where weapons are stored and troops indoctrinated, organized, motivated and trained. Every rajab is also a seizure of turf: a symbol of Islamic supremacy and a false claim of right of possession.

    If yer gonna teach about Isdamn, then begin with Ibn Sa’d’s description of the incident in the cave of Hira and subsequent events arising therefrom. That would include Moe’s sense that he was demon possessed and going mad. It would include his intention to commit suicide.

    The next lesson would be from the same book: “Letter To The Rulers of Aylah”, with a lucid explanation of the meaning of the crucial clauses.

    The third lesson would be selected readings from the Koran which curse and declare war on Jews & Christians. Followed up with a reading of certain selected pages of “The Life Of Muhammad” which explain and exemplify those ayat.

    The fourth lesson would be selected readings from Isdamnic law including Reliance, Risala & Hedaya.

    1. Fantastic points. Perhaps you could write a letter to the government so that they could include these lessons in the curriculum, and it would be a good idea if all the MPs attended these lessons also.

  4. My wife and I jerked our children out of public grade school. What passes for education today is closer to indoctrination in our view. The children are caught in a trap by the system and the only escape is called Home Schooling. Both children graduated from University with honors and have families and good careers. It CAN be done and IS NOT for everyone. For those who cannot, best you pull up your big person britches and ride your local schools and officials like a cowboy rides a bucking bronco. This islam stuff is NOT for minors. Read it yourself!!

  5. We’re not a religious family so my children will not be learning such cult.

  6. I don’t want my children learning about Islam, it’s all brain washing rubbish to suit Muslims when they play the race card. My children will never step foot in a mosque. Would Muslim kid’s go to a Christian church???? No, they wouldn’t, they don’t even take part in the Xmas play at school, or Easter.

    1. My daughter attends a CofE school, with muslim children. They do perform 8n the christmas plays, easter celebrations and other religious activities. We are a pagan /wiccan family. I really dont mind of my daughter is taught about different religions, as long as she has a good understanding on everything. She can believe what she wants. If she wants to go to church she can, if she wants to follow in her uncles footsteps abd become muslim she can, if she wants to worship mother nature as we do then she can. If she wants to tell everyone she believes in another god/goddess she can. Who are we to tell a child what they can and cant belive.

      1. None of the beliefs you mentioned are dangerous except Islam. If you remain so liberal that you fail to guide your children you are responsible when they don’t know how to avoid the “bad” as well as enjoy the benefits of the “good.”

        Not intervening when the school starts indoctrinating children in the ideology that is Islam is no better than watching passively as your child reaches into a bowl of venomous snakes.

      2. We are the parents and we guide our children to take the right path in life !! So yes we do have a responsibility to educate our children to grow up with respect , unlike Muslims we do not treat our women as second class like muslims do !!! Nat maybe you need to love your children & teach them about love not hate !!!

  7. Children should not be made to learn about a satanic creed like Islam. Get Bible lessons instead.

    1. This Islam will be the down fall of the Free world ! It is a evil cult of hate and intolerance ! It is not raceist to resist a religion of intolerance !

  8. There’s nothing racist about that if the parents don’t want them learning about Islam it’s Thier choice Muslims don’t want Thier kids learning about Jesus is that also racist

  9. Section 25 of the education act states quite clearly, you can take your child out of any part of religious education, end of, it’s not racist, if it was, other religions would be racist for refusing lessons in Christianity.

  10. F@@@ off, how about that. Mohamhead was a rapist, pedophile, and beastiality expert and Moslems think he was the perfect man. Islam is a serious mental illness and that much is undisputed!!


  12. Is Christianity, the Bible and Christ Jesus taught? If not, do they consider that ‘racist’?
    If teaching Islam, is the approved rape, beastality, female genital mutilation, stoning, killing gays, slavery, lying, etc being taught?

  13. I don’t get how it is ‘racist’ with a religion….it’s not a race!
    Why don’t people get that! And as far as parents having a say in what their children are being taught….that is what parents do! I would sue anyone who forced my children to learn anything against their own religion!

  14. Islam religion is not real, I take my hat of to those parents that pull their kids out of those stupid class that only teachers lies, lefties gotta wake up to themselves but then again, they just getting more and more dumber by the day with Islam at their side and all this transgender transgender rubbish they started, I say it’s time people to wake up.

  15. What a lie

    Study of religion is Theology it does not involve performing or adherence to any of the Rites of any religion.

    Religion is an Ideology not a race and in no way be racist to oppose performing the rites of any of them.

  16. Do they teach about Christianity in Pakistan, or in Bangladesh or by these “poor muslim refugees from Burma who had their terrorist group there, but nobody says anything about that? .. How many Christian Cathedrals in Saudi? Do they teach Christianity there too?
    Parents should be able to have a choice as to what goes in to the minds of their children and what doctors treat their children, the marxists and socialists should be kicked out of the education system and the goverment of England because they hate England.

  17. Do the Muslims have to learn about Christianity and Judaism or Any other religions?

  18. Let’s see the little Muslim children getting Christian instruction on the true God!

  19. What if Christian religious education was taught to all students? Would the Muslim parents kick up about that? Would they accept it calmly? I highly doubt it.
    If only Islam was taught in schools and it was mandatory that my child attend those classes, I wouldn’t want that crap forced upon them. I am an Anglican and I would be happy for my child to receive a Christian religious education because that is my family’s religion.
    It seems that these foreigners want to take over other countries and force their beliefs and customs on other people. Absolute crap.

  20. It is not the schools job to teach religion period, there damn job is to teach writing , reading , math , science and history and as far as I”m concerned they can scratch history because half the time they don’t teach the truth of it. Not only would I have pulled my child the school board would have heard words that would scare the devil !

  21. How can it be justified that these “campaigners” want to restrict the rights of parents to remove their children from being taught this illogical Demonic Cult?
    Are the “campaigners” not be being Racist holding such views? Why do we need people like these who want to remove Parents rights and subject innocent children to Satans ways? Only ignorant people believe islam is a Religion. Keep Religion, State and Schools free from any Religion or Cult, after all what’s more important to learn? Math and Spelling or how to Control Women and Kill Infidels? #BANislam

  22. Perhaps some parents are being racist. I’d be worried if the Mosque was run by Salifists or Wahhabiests, in which case I would ban my child. Was the sex segregation voluntary or coincidence? Why are pre pubescent girls wearing hijabs?

    On reflection maybe there are damn good reasons to withdraw your child.

    1. “Salifists or Wahhabiests” read exactly the same Koran that the ‘moderate’ Muslims follow.

  23. Islam is nothing but a trap by Satan. The Muslim’s shout allah is great. The only thing that is called great in The Bible is the Great Dragon….AKA Satan….. Also the crayola Koran say to deny Christ as The Son of God. In The Bible …to deny Christ as The Son of God makes you an Antichrist.

  24. There is not a problem with children learning about Islam. They SHOULD learn about Islam. The problem with Americans is that they are woefully ignorant of Islam and its history of fourteen centuries of Jihad against the West.
    Begin learning about Islam, not the sanitized “Islam is peace” fraud, but the truth about Islamic oppression, conquest, and slavery.

    1. You will not find any teachers willing to teach the truth about Islam.

  25. Can’t be racist against a backwards paedophile ideology. Hatred against a religion isn’t racism.

  26. I am honestly so tired of the word “racist” being thrown around like a bunch of confetti! Also, Islam is a religion and not a race! Therefore it is not racist, so these parents being called this due to the fact that they for personal reasons of their own have decided that they don’t want their children being taught this religion have to endure being slandered or endure deflamation of character. How ridiculous are we? And this is supposed to be the 21st century? Absolutely ridiculous to literally shove another cultures religion down the throats of our children.

  27. I find it interesting that despite all this talk by the liberazi, when it comes to education, the Strategy for Muslims outside the Islamic World signed in Doha in 2000 has a paragraph clearly stating the intent to immunise muslims against western values. You can find the entire strategy on ISESCOs web site by the way.
    The western governments are clearly complicit in the rise of Islam here. Being called racist or islamaphobic is beginning to wear a bit thin so now we see the plans taking shape to imprison people who criticize religion. The fact remains that we are able to do so with every other religion on the planet without fear of the knock at the door.

  28. When i was a child i was raised a jehovahs witness i was remove from all religious education classes did not go into assembly. Was that racist no that was my parents exercising their rights as parents. All religions are ideaologies regardless of which one. Islam is the only one that doesn’t move with the times. Although most other religions were barbaric they have adapted as the world’s has become more civilised, iIslam still had the same barbaric teaching which have no place in today’s society. Incidentally the only people that sat out of these lessons with us were another jehovahs witness and two muslims so no they don’t allow Muslim children to learn about other religions. My grandsons school have already been told you will not take my boys in to a mosque. They tried to convert my son when he was younger at that time he was easily influenced. I then had undercover counter terrorist police at my daughters 16th birthday party. At this point my son had got bored and given up on islam. We did however find out that the ones trying to convert him and take him off to mosque in Leeds were involved in terrorism. I’m sorry but in this religion i trust no one

  29. Left wing propaganda.
    Muslims kids refuse to lern about christianity .
    .. so gotohell with yr filthy doubble standards.

  30. No wonder why so many people hate muslims
    .. because you scumbags are full of doubble standards .. no1 has the right to force religion on another person …

  31. Yes, ‘racism is evil.’ So stop acting racist.
    Evil people does not exist in one race or ethinicity. It is racist to make such terrible claims. Stop the Racism.
    These evil acts listed down below are committed by evil, inhumane, terrible people. And these terrible people who has commited the heinious crimes listed below are white. Does that mean every white male is a horrible person. Stop the Inhumane Racism.
    Recy Taylor, an African-American woman from Abbeville, Alabama, whose abduction and rape by six white men in 1944 made national headlines, died Thursday morning, her brother Robert Corbitt told NBC News.She would have turned 98 on Sunday.

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