Allahuakbaring “migrants” try to storm the border of Croatia

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Yes, we are all “anti-European”

French President Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron referred to the resurgence of nationalist sentiment in Europe as “populist leprosy”, in a specific reference to the new Italian government. In response, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini described Mr. Macron as “a polite young man who drinks too much champagne”, and Labour and Industry Minister Luigi Di Maio said that the real leprosy is European hypocrisy. Meanwhile, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti said that the EU needs to rip up its existing migrant system.

In other news, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez accused Italy of being “anti-European”.

If being ‘European’ means being a fool for the EUSSR communist superstate under Islam with marauding hordes of Mohammedan savages raping and murdering the natives we shall be most un-European….

Italy and Malta Block Another Rescue Ship Carrying Migrants

“Rescued in Libyan waters” means they should be returned to Libya.

Migrants rescued in the Mediterranean Sea onboard the MV Lifeline on Thursday.

For the second time this month, the authorities in Italy and Malta are refusing to allow a rescue ship with hundreds of migrants aboard to dock in their ports.

Bosnian police block 100 migrants from reaching Croatia

Bosnian border police on Monday stopped about 100 migrants from reaching the border with European Union member Croatia amid a rise in the influx of people heading through the Balkans toward Western Europe.

Vlad Tepes Video

Police blocked the migrants near the Maljevac border crossing in northwestern Bosnia, which was briefly closed down. The group has moved toward Croatia from the nearby town of Velika Kladusa, where hundreds have been staying in makeshift camps while looking for ways to move on.

Migrants have recently turned to Bosnia in order to avoid more heavily guarded routes through the Balkans. Authorities in the war-ravaged country have struggled with the influx of thousands of people from the Mideast, Africa and Asia.

From a bleeding hearts Moonbat:

The Red Cross says pressure is growing on Balkan states as migrant numbers continue to rise: “Thousands of people making their way through the are in desperate need of basic humanitarian services and support”

More unassimilable black savages ‘rescued’ near Canary Islands

Algeria Abandons 13,000 Migrants in the Sahara Desert

Algeria has abandoned more than 13,000 people in the Sahara Desert in the past 14 months, including pregnant women and children, stranding them without food or water and forcing them to walk for miles in one of the world’s least hospitable environments.

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  1. The West is being invaded. Thank God for Trump. Macron is a leftist who cannot see the world has changed. Deaf, blind to what has become of France because of muslim immigration. He will never admit it.

  2. ALL “Leftoids” are criminally intent and self-hating and intent on self harm !!!

    Perfect example …
    that very very VERY nasty THING (aka Lily Campbell) from USYD who knowingly featured itself on QandA on Monday 18 June, 2018 – Being Careful, North Korea and Culture Wars.
    (they ALL know exactly what they are doing … and stupidly why [it’s called self-hate] ) !!!
    NB: notice THING’s masters had her do QandA … their selves being to cowardly !!!

    What these marxist criminals are doing is called Treason/Sedition/Subversion … and is observed to be a self-hating suicidal act perpetrated while they are attempting to harm others !!!

  3. Only Solution to invasion …
    Best Solution to invaders …
    Lethal Force !!!
    (works every time) !!!

    1. Take note …
      • socialist islamophile Traitors to Australia
      • invader islams of Australia
      • diversifier criminal African tribals of Australia

      Run away like the cowards you are !!!

  4. One thing I am curious about. In another report, you mention Muslims, in Nigeria, who are attacking and murdering Christian villagers (the majority of whom, according to the accounts I am also reading in Barnabas Fund, are peaceful and quite defenceless; often they are attacked at night, when they are asleep; elderly people, women and children). Now: suppose some of those Nigerian Christians, fleeing from Muslim murderousness, try to migrate – legally, let’s say – to a non-Muslim country anywhere else in the world. But.. the moment they try to step foot outside of Africa, do you reclassify those *Christians* also as ‘inassimilable African savages’? Do you in fact regard black people from Africa as innately incapable of ever understanding or living, in any real sense, by the teachings of Christ? As ineducable and subhuman savages, full stop, *because* African, ***even if they profess the Christian faith, even if they are martyred for so doing, by Muslims*? And do you regard non-Muslim Africans, including Christians of the most fervent stripe, of which there are not a few; the Mothers’ Union has a very large and active African membership – as innately and irredeemably subhuman savages, and therefore a threat of the same order as, or even worse than, Muslims whether African or non-African? I know enough about the church in Africa to know that it is real and that it contains many, many genuine Christians…. and that it is, in many places, *growing*. I *cannot* dismiss my fellow- believers – who are suffering terribly at the hands of Muslims – as ‘savages’.

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