Australia in Danger

Australia ‘in danger phase’ with boats

Dennis Shanahan The Australian June 23, 2018

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Peter Dutton has warned his Coalition colleagues that Australia is in a “danger phase” with illegal boat arrivals and one act of compassion could “undo overnight” the five years of hard work in “stopping the boats”.

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Degenerates have it coming. They deserve it:

Just like this one got her just deserts:


Read it all, here.

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Donald Trump set for tour Down Under in November

Simon Benson, Primrose Riordan The Australian June 23, 2018

Donald Trump is expected to make his first visit to Australia as US President during an Asia-­Pacific tour in November, headlined by the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation leaders’ summit in Papua New Guinea.

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2 thoughts on “Australia in Danger”

  1. Degenerates have it coming. They deserve it:” [sic]

    Whatcha bet Lily Campbell gets “SpeciaL” attention from her islam assisteds !
    (‘it’ certainly has its STUPID siren howling… and looks so monumentally pleased with itself) !!!

    and in Australia Lily’s Treasonous criminal behaviour is covered by the …
    Criminal Code Act 1995
    No. 12, 1995
    Compilation No. 113
    Chapter 5—The security of the Commonwealth
    Part 5.1—Treason, urging violence and advocating terrorism or genocide
    Division 80—Treason, urging violence and advocating terrorism or genocide

    mind defective marxist Traitor Lily (and her mentoring USYD [W]academia professors) will soon be picked up by the AFP (and counting) !!!

  2. Lilly Campbell read straight from the Marxist-Leninist playbook. She was just a further example of the brain dead parrots that infect our centers of learning. She lives in the rose colored world of socialist nirvana with really no idea of the real world apart from what her comrades in the University politburo spew.

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