From Madagascar to Australia: you can find a mosque even in the most remote areas

Rich Foreign Donors Facilitate Islamic Imperialism in Madagascar

One of Pope Francis’s new cardinals has warned of the rise of “extremist Islam” in the southern African island nation of Madagascar.

“The fundamentalists are beginning to establish themselves and, little by little, as their numbers grow, we start to wonder when they will really show who they are, and this truly concerns us,” Cardinal-designate Désiré Tzarahazana of Toamasina told Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need.

“The rise of Islam is palpable,” he said, noting plans to build more than 2,600 mosques. “You can see it everywhere. It is an invasion, with money from the Gulf States and from Pakistan – they buy people. You see young men setting off to study in Saudi Arabia, and when they come back they are imams.

“We organised a meeting with a group of imams to share our concerns, and one of the imams himself testified: he was one of our former seminarians. Of course he did not say that he had been attracted by the money, but that is what is happening, on account of the poverty here.”

The cardinal, who is also president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Madagascar, added: “In my own diocese there are mosques being built everywhere … even though there aren’t enough Muslims to use them.”

A local source told World Watch Monitor that he had noticed, as he travelled the island, that “you would find a mosque even in the most remote areas, although there is no-one using some of them”.

‘Muslims were calling Christians f***ing dogs’: Inside the Liberal Party’s violent ‘religion-fuelled street brawl’ – that erupted outside a Sydney charcoal chicken shop
Angry Muslims Show ‘F-ing Dog’ Christians Who’s Boss in Australia
  • Witness has claimed seeing Muslims attack a Christian at a Liberal Party meeting
  • It descended into a brawl following a dispute at the party’s Bayside branch
  • Violence allegedly started inside Naji’s Cafe at Arncliffe in Sydney’s south
A war of words erupted outside an Islamic-owned charcoal chicken shop as Muslim men hurled chairs at Christians as part of a Liberal Party brawl

A war of words erupted outside an Islamic-owned charcoal chicken shop as Muslim men hurled chairs at Christians as part of a Liberal Party brawl

‘Words erupted and basically from there, it turned into a religious war between Christians and Muslims,’ John told radio 2GB breakfast king Alan Jones on Tuesday.

He also claimed the ‘Muslims attacked one Christian guy, there’s about 10 of them’.

Inside Israel’ Mosques wake our kids up in the middle of the night’

Municipal leaders explain importance of law banning muezzin from sounding at night – and that they have nothing against Arabs.

British Muslim cleric calls to wipe Israel off the map

During the recent Al-Quds Day rally in London, Sheikh Mohammad Saeed Bahmanpour of the Islamic Centre of England warned Israelis that the “resistance” will come and “wipe Israel off the map”.

Islamic Radicals Strain French Prison: ‘Starting to Explode’…
France Admits Losing Control of ‘No-Go’ Zones…

Told ya it was a fizzler:

Ramadan Rage 2018: Islamic State Defeat Brings Holy Month Deaths Down 45 Percent


Islamic terrorists carried out at least 177 terror attacks during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan this year, killing 841 people and wounding 1,014 others across nearly 25 countries, a Breitbart News tally shows.
Australian Radio Lauds “Empowering’ Hijab…
…“sensuous,” “source of empowerment”

“Western Sydney poet Maryam Azam explores the modern experience of wearing the hijab,” by Claire Nichols,,

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s slant on this issue was predictable, but not for that any more excusable. The real women who need “empowerment” are not those who wear the hijab, who are praised and hailed in article after article like this one, and celebrated in World Hijab Day, but those women who have been brutalized and even killed for not wearing the hijab.

Fake News Networks Whip Up Rage  Against Trump

Hollyweirdo’s in cahoots with a  hysterical  journaille that totally lost the plot….

“This is one of those moments that tells you everything about our ruling class. They care far more about foreigners than about their own people.” —Tucker Carlson

Crocodile Tears For Illegal Aliens

Just how contemptibly shameless can the media get while using phony tearjerker tactics to open the illegal alien floodgates even further? Rachel Maddow demonstrates:

You can learn something from anyone, even Rachel Maddow. Here we learned that lizards can cry crocodile tears.

Neither of them cares for  kids of illegal migrants or for law enforcement at the border. This is a welcome smokescreen to detract from the attempted coup d’état by FBI & CIA swamp creatures.

Jane Fonda isn’t the only one in the family to carry the horrific mutation that reduces otherwise healthy individuals to moonbats. Look what Peter Fonda tweeted then deleted this morning:

Spox: Melania Trump Reports Peter Fonda to Secret Service After Wishing for Violence Against Barron

Melania Reports Peter Fonda to Secret Service After Wish for Violence Against Barron…


One thought on “From Madagascar to Australia: you can find a mosque even in the most remote areas”

  1. Angry Muslims Show ‘F-ing Dog’ Christians Who’s Boss in Australia …
    The violence started inside a cafe and charcoal chicken shop owned by a Muslim businessman and Liberal Party councillor, Michael Nagi, and has been connected with a factional dispute within the conservative party.” [sic]

    Every islam is held by islam to their highest loyalty – islam !
    (every islam is @ war with all Australians)
    Any non-islam Australian assisting in every way every immigrant/resident islam is by default guilty of Treason/Sedition/Subversion of Australia !!!
    and in Australia this is covered by the …
    Criminal Code Act 1995
    No. 12, 1995
    Compilation No. 113
    Chapter 5—The security of the Commonwealth
    Part 5.1—Treason, urging violence and advocating terrorism or genocide
    Division 80—Treason, urging violence and advocating terrorism or genocide
    Section 80.1 (Treason)
    Section 80.1AA (Treason – materially assisting enemies)

    So …
    • What is even ONE socialist doing in Australia !!!
    • What is even ONE islam invader doing in Australia !!!
    • What is even ONE criminal African tribal diversifier doing in Australia !!!

    • THEN – How did an illegal criminal islam become a businessman in Australia !!!
    • THEN – How did an illegal criminal islam become a member of the Australian Liberal Party !!!
    • THEN – What possessed (supposedly) sane non-islam constituents to vote an islam (Michael Nagi) in as a councillor of ANY Australian Parliamentary system !!!
    … The Australian constitution
    … Part IV – Both Houses of the Parliament
    … 44. Disqualification
    Any person who:
    (i) is under any acknowledgment of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power; or
    (ii) is attainted of treason(ie every “
    authority“), or has been convicted and is under sentence, or subject to be sentenced, for any offence punishable under the law of the Commonwealth or of a State by imprisonment for one year or longer;
    • Dr Anne Aly MP
    (female islam Aly’s allegiance obedience and adherence of/to islam disqualifies her … just as male islam Nagi’s does him)
    • The Parliamentary list
    (actually all Australian “authorities” who have allowed islam and its islams to prosper in Australia … and the vast silent majority for letting them allow islam) !

    Every non-islam who assists in the Australian business and political success of islam criminal Michael Nagi (and any of his associates … also includes non-islam Federal/State Liberal Party members) are guilty of Treason/Sedition/Subversion against Australians !!!

    islamophiles and islam have to be purged from Australia !!!

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