Vehicle Jihad in Melbourne?

Four people have been struck by an allegedly stolen vehicle in Melbourne’s CBD near Queen Victoria Market

The incident, which was not believed to be terrorism-related, happened on A’Beckett St near Queen Street.

WTF is the media so quick to deny the jihad before we even know a bloody thing about who the perp was?

Police are hunting for the driver who abandoned the car and fled on foot.

Pedestrians have been hit by a car in the Melbourne CBD and the driver, who was in a stolen vehicle, is on the run.

Victoria Police said they were investigating after the vehicle, a 2017 silver Toyota sedan, struck pedestrians on A’Beckett Street near Queen Street and Market Street just after 5pm.

The crashed car in A'Beckett Street.

The crashed car in A’Beckett Street.

“The pedestrians are being treated for injuries, the exact degree of their injuries is unclear at this stage,” a Victoria Police spokeswoman said.

Police helicopters are hovering low as they circle the north city.

Dave Thorne (pictured) alleges he was attacked by a gang of African teenagers thugs with a knife at a shopping centre in Melbourne’s south-east.
“Allegedly”. What kind of BS reporting is this?
Victorian.police have made their bed. Now they must lie in it. When one of their own. Suffers what the rest of Victorians put up with every day.

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  1. We don’t believe statements released by Victoria Police anymore. The blood has not been washed away before they inform you that it’s not a suspicious multiple vehicular homicide. Just a regular day in Marvelous Melbourne. Andrews OUT.

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