Australian government squanders taxpayer dollars on highly suspicious Muslim group

Australia: Islamic group has received over US$1,750,000 in taxpayer funds since 2010, up to 75% of its revenue

“The ICV had controversially called for taxpayer-funded ‘safe spaces’ in which Muslim youth could vent extreme speech.”

They’ve apparently received enough taxpayer money to have funded those jihadi incubators themselves.

Why did the Victoria authorities give this Islamic group so much money? Do they fund Jewish and Christian and Hindu organizations at this same clip? Why the favoritism for Muslims? Do they think their largesse will blunt the force of the jihad? Unfortunately, it will not. Making war against infidels is a Qur’anic imperative (cf. Qur’an 2:190-193, 4:89, 8:12, 8:39, 9:5, 9:29, 9:73, 9:123, 47:4, etc.); there is no exception for infidels who are kind and generous to the Muslims.

“An investigation into the Islamic Council of Victoria reveals it’s received $2.4m in state grants since 2010,” by John Masanauskas, Herald Sun, June 28, 2018 (thanks to JW):

A STATE government investigation has found that Victoria’s peak Muslim body should be more accountable for the taxpayer-funded grants it receives.

The probe into the Islamic Council of Victoria revealed that the organisation has received $2.4 million in state government funding since 2010-11.

In 2015-16, three-quarters of the ICV’s revenue came from the public purse.

The Andrews Government launched the inquiry after the Herald Sun revealed last year that the ICV had controversially called for taxpayer-funded “safe spaces” in which Muslim youth could vent extreme speech.

The submission to a federal Parliamentary inquiry had demanded that existing counter-terrorism and anti-violent extremism funds be diverted to create the safe spaces….

The report, which has been released to the Herald Sun under Freedom of Information laws, found that the ICV had generally provided activities for which it had been funded, and there were no urgent issues that required action….

Among the ICV’s taxpayer-funded programs were a $570,000 “empower Muslim youth” grant over three years that included learning about indigenous culture and making a documentary.

A further $440,000 was given for “administration of ICV” from 2012-16.

The review found the justification for some grants unclear, such as $10,000 for a Muslim arts festival and $3500 for an “interfaith street break fast celebration”….

Mr Salman said the review had unearthed some minor issues, but “basically confirmed that the ICV is a reliable partner”.

“It was actually an opportunity for us to get an imprimatur from the government saying these guys are legit, they’ve got good practices, so we’ll use that when we apply for new grants,” he said….

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