Siege of Vienna: Why Poland Won’t Submit to Muslim Colonization

Salient thought of the day, by Thoms Sowell:

“We are living in an era when sanity is controversial and insanity is just another viewpoint—and degeneracy only another lifestyle.”

Poland has incurred the wrath of eurocrats and the media by refusing to get on board with massive Islamic immigration (see e.g. here and here). It isn’t just the Polish government; last year, thousands of Poles formed a human chain at the border, praying against Islamization. Poles know their history; they remember the last time they had to save Europe from Islam. Like Raymond Ibrahim, they recall the 1683 Battle of Vienna:

Some 200,000 Muslim combatants … invaded under the same rationale that so-called “radical” groups, such as the Islamic State, cite to justify their jihad on “infidels.” Or, to quote the leader of the Muslim expedition, Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa, because Vienna was perceived as the head of the infidel snake, it needed to be laid low so that “all the Christians would obey the Ottomans.”

This was no idle boast; sources describe Mustafa as “fanatically anti-Christian.” After capturing a Polish town in 1674, he ordered all the Christian prisoners to be skinned alive and their stuffed hides sent as trophies to Ottoman Sultan Muhammad IV.

The stated objective of the Siege of Vienna was “the extirpation of infidels, and the increase of Muslemen.” This has been the goal from the beginning.

Once the massive Muslim army reached and surrounded the walls of Vienna on July 14, Mustafa followed protocol. In 628, his prophet Muhammad had sent an ultimatum to Emperor Heraclius: aslam taslam, “submit [to Islam] and have peace.” Heraclius rejected the summons; jihad was declared against Christendom (as enshrined in Koran 9:29); and in a few decades, two thirds of the then-Christian world – including Spain, all of North Africa, Egypt, and Greater Syria – were conquered.

The plan is to resume the conquest, as any number of jihadists will be happy to confirm.

Vienna went through hell. On September 12, just as the city was about to fall, the cavalry arrived, headed by John Sobeiski, King of Poland. The Muslim hordes were sent packing before they could establish a beachhead that would allow them to conquer Europe.

Although a spectacular victory, the aftermath was gory: before fleeing, the Muslims ritually slaughtered some 30,000 Christian captives collected during their march to Vienna, raping the women beforehand. On entering the relieved city, the liberators encountered piles of corpses, sewage, and rubble everywhere.

Only the tactics have changed (although not by much in territories controlled by the Islamic State recently). Opportunistically exploiting our greatest weakness, bleeding heart moonbattery, Muslims come as refugees rather than soldiers. But the objectives are the same, as will become ever more clear as their numbers increase.

History did not stop. It continues to unfold. Europe is going to need another John Sobieski.

3 thoughts on “Siege of Vienna: Why Poland Won’t Submit to Muslim Colonization”

  1. Good movie about that called “The Day of The Seige” but it left out the part of the Christians being murdered.

  2. Good movie about that called “The Day of The Siege” but it left out the part of the Christians being murdered.

    1. Of course they left that out. Because showing it would enrage the soldiers of allah, who would be provoked to kill more infidels to prove that Islam is a religion of peace.

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