Street prayers in France are to establish dominance

Finally, someone on French TV managed to say what is obviously, and historically, true.

The goal of Islam is to turn all the lands of Dar al-Harb (the Lands of War) into Dar al-Islam ( the Lands of Islam or more accurately the Lands of Submission)

All of Europe is currently Dar al-Harb, and it will not become Dar al-Islam until Sharia Law is implemented and the people of Europe pay the jizya, the religious tax on unbelievers. This is Islam’s true nature.

Céline Pina, an ex-member of France’s Socialist Party (PS), is interviewed on French national television in a TV show hosted by David Pujadas.

Reacting to the increasing number of street prayers in France she says:

“There is no need to occupy the street. But why occupy the street? (…) because the point of the game is to mark the appropriation, because the point of the game is the visibility.”

“There is clearly a form of takeover, and the third message is to show that the faith is superior to the law and that the determination of the faithful allows them at the same time to occupy the public space and it is limitless, since the public authority, the politicians, don’t put an end to it, even if it’s completely illegal,” she adds.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for the video & the subtitles.
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Bataclan: the State stands accused

The following article by contributor Josiane Filio of Riposte Laïque denounces the cover-up by the French government of its own failure to prevent the November 13, 2015 Bataclan massacre or, at the very least, to reduce the number of deaths by allowing the security forces to do their job properly
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Arrested Far-Right Militant Plotting Attacks on ‘Radical Muslims’ Lost Daughter in Bataclan Terror Attack


Following the arrest of ten far-right militants in France earlier this week, new information has been released about the extremists including a claim that one member of the group had lost a daughter in the 2015 Bataclan terror attack.

Earlier this week police across France raided and arrested ten far-right extremists believed to have been targetting radical Islamic imams, radicalised former prisoners, and even women wearing Islamic veils for attacks.

Since the arrests, several claims have been made about the group, known as Action des Forces Opérationnelles (AFO), including several of the names of members including leader Guy S., a 65-year-old former police officer, and two other men named Dominique C., who is said to have lost his daughter in the Bataclan massacre, and Marie-Dominique R., Sud Ouest reports.

On a website associated with the AFO, the group denied any involvement of plotting attacks saying: “Everything is false in these accusations against our comrades. Our movement does not advocate violent attacks or provocations under any circumstances, which are counterproductive.”

Bataclan: digging the sword in more deeply

One of the biggest stories coming out of France these past few days has been the scheduled appearance of Islamist rapper Médine (above) …   GALLIAWATCH.BLOGSPOT.COM

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  1. Street prayers …
    muhammadans MUST display their willingness to be symbolically and constantly anally raped (aka a “prayer” offering) by “allah” (aka muhammad … the paedophile) publicly
    … so that the non-islams can see what the islams will do to them when they are conquered by islam!
    (muhammadans submission/humiliation displayed in public is obviously a constant and LARGE and mandatory part of being islamed) !!!

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