The Cultural Significance of the Freedom Sack

Meaning of Hijabbery

The speaker, Céline Pina, outlines the choices of costume facing Islamic women in the West. In other words, choices that wouldn’t confront them had their families stayed in their country of origin. For these bagged women, they might as well have not bothered traveling westward. (GoV)

Céline Pina is the same women who appeared on French TV recently to explain the real meaning and purpose of Islamic street prayers.

French and British tourist industries lose 43 billion euros due to terror attacks: study

‘Pure Genocide’: Over 6,000 Nigerian Christians Slaughtered, Mostly Women and Children

Denmark is trying forced assimilation

A new set of laws governing life in 25 low-income, heavily Muslim enclaves in Denmark – officially labeled as “ghettos” – is the latest salvo as Europe grapples with integrating an influx of migrants.

Beginning at the age of 1, “ghetto children” must be separated from their “ghetto parents” for 25 hours per week for mandatory instruction in so-called “Danish values,” which includes learning about the language and the traditions of Christmas and Easter, The New York Times reported.

Families that don’t comply with the rules could see their welfare payments cut off.

There is no historical precedent of Mohammedan integration or assimilation into infidel society anywhere. After the Reconquista in Spain large numbers of Moors were allowed to remain, provided they would be loyal to the Spanish king. That experiment failed entirely. 100 years later, when the Moors openly called for the Ottomans to invade Spain they were finally evicted for good.

Gates of Vienna News feed:

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini expelled three suspected Islamic terrorists, saying that there would be zero tolerance for those who would bring war to Italy. Also, Tito Boeri, the head of the Italian pension service, said that Italy needed more immigrants to sustain its pension system. Mr. Salvini responded by saying, “Where does he live, on Mars?”

In possibly unrelated news, German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned of the danger of a worldwide financial crisis as a result of the trade war between the USA and the EU.