The Great Replacement Threatens the Existence of the European People

Germany Enforces Sharia Blasphemy Laws 

Germany’s interior minister’s offer to resign over Muslim migrants could topple Merkel’s coalition


Merkels government on brink of collapse over “migrant crisis”

The governments of Poland ,Hungary and Czech Republic are denying the information spread by Angela Merkel based on the claim that the three countries are among the states that have accepted to take migrants from Germany following the most recent European Council Summit.

Germany’s interior minister Horst Seehofer has offered his resignation to Angela Merkel over the government’s policy on the indiscriminate welcome of Muslim migrants.

Seehofer, a member of the conservative Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU), has also offered to resign from the leadership of the CSU. If his resignation is accepted, the CSU could forward a new candidate, or it could withdraw from Merkel’s coalition altogether, causing Merkel to lose a majority, thus forcing a collapse.

Propaganda against the ‘Religion of Peace’: The blatant Islamophobia in contemporary cinema

Islam has nothing to do with Islam & terror in the name of Islam is an invention of Islamophobes who peddle Zionist conspiracy theories, or something….

By Hameeda Syed

… The message was to simply showcase the ruthlessness of one of the masterminds behind the supposed 9/11 attack, the Mumbai attack and the beheading of American journalist Daniel Pearl. (What’s interesting to note is that there are many conspiracy theories that 9/11 was an inside job, yet it’s still considered as part of the narrative of Omar’s life.) ..

Robert Spencer video: Muslim spokesman admits the real cause of “Islamophobia”

In this new video, I discuss recent remarks by Muslim spokesman Corey Saylor, in which Saylor revealed that he knows that some people have negative views of Islam not because of “Islamophobic propaganda,” but because of the activities of jihad terror groups.

The Plot to Flood Europe with 200 Million Africans

Over the next thirty years the population of Africa will double in size leading to an unprecedented global movement of people who will overwhelmingly head north towards Europe. This migration crisis, often referred to as the Great Replacement, threatens the very existence of the European people. However, leading politicians in Europe are conspiring to aid this migrant stream and are plotting the demise of Western civilisation itself.


2 thoughts on “The Great Replacement Threatens the Existence of the European People”

  1. In David Wood’s Video
    Germany Enforces Sharia Blasphemy Laws

    HItler’s Daughter (aka German socialist islamophile “authorities”) and her associates are promoting …
    • islam is the truth !
    • muhammad was the greatest man who ever lived !
    • the qur’an is the perfect word of “
    allah” (aka muhammad … the paedophile) !

    With the aim of …
    Transforming Germans into some of the most epic “alhahu-akbar” shouting, infidel-terrorising, captive-raping, apostate-beheading, female genital-mutilating, honour-killing, child-bride-marrying, martydom-death seeking machines the world has ever seen !

    as David says …
    Hitler would be very pleased !!!

  2. Sheik, *somebody* needs to do some videos spoofing the leftarded “useful idiots” constant demands to destroy the global minority of whites by diluting them with the majority, for the sake of “equality and diversity!”

    I propose some black or abo dressed up like a Wakandan ambassador, whining like a white leftist snowflake about how nowadays there’s “Too many blacks in Africa!” and begging for them to be diluted with hordes of white and Asian
    “migrants” for the “cultural enrichment!”

    Ditto for some Asian guy – make him up to be a Chinese television presenter, complaining that there’s “too many Asians!” in China, and demanding (for the sake of almighty “Diversity!”) that they be inundated with hordes of blacks from Africa, and with any whites who feel like fleeing “European Oppression!”

    Another episode could feature a Turk, (preferably one who looks like Erdogan himself) complaining that there’s too many Turks in Turkey, and he’s tired of everyone around him looking just like him and his family! So he demands an increase in Diversity, and wants more Asians, blacks, Dravidians, etc to come into Turkey (which is dissolving its borders to facilitate the culturally-enriching Diversity) as soon as possible!

    Then, moving on to India where some Dravidian complains about the “over”-prevalence of his fellow Dravidians, and demands more whites move there ASAP, too!

    Then to the muslim lands, (start with Pakistan) where they complain about being surrounded by so many fellow muslims!

    “It’s not fair!” they should whine, as white Western leftists currently do here, that “there isn’t enough Diversity in Pakistan!”

    You get the gist of the message.

    Didn’t Lauren Southern make some sort of abortive attempt at spoofing leftards sort of like this, when she put up her “Allah is Gay!” booth in London that time?

    Ask her and Stefan Polynoise if they want a crack at this new and exciting shitposting meme!

    Guaranteed to make leftopaths’ heads explode everywhere!


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