Why are we saving the “white helmets?”

WTF is this White Helmet saving all about?

The ‘white helmets’ are not “Rescue Workers”. They are al Qaeda’s Public Relations Squad who have been party to multiple atrocities. They are funded by various countries who have been illegally engaged in attempts to overthrow the Syrian Government.


They may be jihadists but they’re our jihadists’: White Helmets’ UK resettlement policy attacked

The UK is to offer asylum to members of western-backed White Helmets group, that operates in Jihadists-held areas in Syria. The move has prompted dire warnings about who exactly Britain might be admitting. (BCF)

Israel Evacuates 800 of Syria’s White Helmets and Their Families to Jordan: Israel transported hundreds of Syrian civil defense workers and their families to Jordan as part of a “humanitarian effort” that came at the request of the West. 

What we do know is that they are hardcore sunni Muslims who fought a dirty war against the ruling Alewites under Bashar al-Assad.

Moonlight rescue of Syria’s White Helmets offers ‘ray of hope’

White Helmets volunteers, who are often the first responders, are deemed terrorists by the Assad regime

Hundreds of White Helmets volunteers have been rescued from Syria in a British-brokered moonlight evacuation through Israel and Jordan.

The operation, in the early hours of yesterday, was the culmination of two weeks of frenzied negotiation and lobbying between the governments of the UK, Germany and Canada and the Jordanian and Israeli militaries. Some 422 people, including women and children, crossed from Syria into the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights before travelling on into Jordan — an almost unprecedented display of military and diplomatic co-operation between Israel and an Arab state.

In many cases these so-called ‘white helmets’ turned out to be murderous jihadists

The White Helmets have been painted as heroes. Tales of their risky, life-saving operations have often garnered press. There was even discussion about whether they should be given a Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts. Yet their reputation has been tarnished by repeated stories that it is all a ruse. Accusations of staged rescues reached the United States along with claims from citizens in places like Aleppo. They insist that the White Helmets are nothing more than a branch of al-Qaeda known as the Nusra Front.

Much more here.

In other news:

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  1. Juthtin Turdeau aka “Lispy the Liberal,” gushed, (but not yet blood, unfortunately) frothed, sprayed, and raised a falling eyebrow as s/he virtue-signaled about how many hundreds of these terrorists he was bringing to my home town of Ottawa – SOON!

    Ah, the humanity! The cultural enrichment!

    … the … MAYHEM?!

    Like Faisal Hussein wasn’t enough for us her in Ka-Nada (the Land of No Spirit)!

  2. Why are we saving the “white helmets?” [sic]

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  3. The not so White Helmets were given a lot of PR in the 2017 Oscars. But I was immediately suspicious when in the acceptance speech they quoted part of Koranic Sura 5.32 about saving one life is saving the whole world. That misquote is classic Islamic dissimulation and obfuscation I.e taqiyya.

  4. Never to underestimate the JQ and the stupid shticks they run on the goyim.

    The White Helmets are a Mossad psy-op pretending to be a Muslim humanitarian organisation. They do false flag shyte over in Syria against the legitimately elected Syrian government – you know the usual crap: pretending to rescue Christians, Yazidis, Muslim children, moderate terrorist freedom fighters who have been gassed, bombed, etc by the evil Assad regime – they are a never ending source of soy boy fantasies and wet pussies for doofus goyim Leftards and Political Correctoids in the West who watch the FAKE-NN.

    In this exercise, here reported, our heroes are being exfiltrated back to Mama Israel. Mazel Tov – White Helmets – just go already.

  5. White helmets are sunni hardcore, so they will only help moslims, for sure. So keep them there ! They are racists and nazi’s who don’t want to help the impure/unbelievers.

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