China teaches Mohammedans how to dance

China forces imams to dance in street

China forces imams to dance in street

China has forced the imams of Xinjiang to dance in the street, and swear to an oath that they will not teach religion to children as well telling them that prayer is harmful to the soul.

Syrian Migrant Admits To Stabbing German Woman, Claims It Is Acceptable in His Culture

A 17-year-old Syrian asylum seeker has admitted to stabbing a 24-year-old German woman, claiming that stabbing and potentially killing someone who insulted him is acceptable in his culture.

We cannot coexist. We need to get these MF’s out.

German Women Launch Campaign Highlighting Increased Violence Against Women as a Result of Mass Migration

Migrant Rape Attacks Up 91 Per Cent in Bavaria, Germany 

In other news:

Delingpole: #FakeNews Guardian Issues Fatwa on Climate ‘Deniers’

One of some of 30,000 people demonstrates on December 12, 2009 in the center of Copenhagen to turn up the heat on world leaders debating global warming at the UN climate conference. Some 300 youths shrouded in black threw bricks and smashed windows during the demonstration, prompting swift arrests as …

Climate change ‘deniers’ should no longer have a voice in public debate because basically they are the same as flat-earthers and people who don’t believe that smoking causes cancer.

Or so declares a group of semi-famous green writers, politicians, and scientists in an open letter to The Guardian.

The letter begins:

“We are no longer willing to lend our credibility to debates over whether or not climate change is real.”

This is unintentionally funny: none of the signatories of the letter actually has any credibility.

They used to be quite well known once.

Gordon Chang: China’s Muslims Are ‘Dying In Internment Camps’

Gordon Chang: ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ – China’s Muslims Are ‘Dying In Internment Camps’

Oh noes! These poor oppressed Muslims. And who in the f*kc is Gordon Chang?

Gordon Chang, columnist and author of The Coming Collapse of China, joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Monday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily to talk about China’s systematic persecution of its Uighur Muslim community.

“China has detained probably around a million Uighurs, who are the Muslims in northwestern China. They’re being detained not because of crimes they’ve committed, but because they are Muslims,” Chang explained.

That’s their problem, not ours. More below the fold.

China Forces Muslim Shops to Sell Alcohol and Cigarettes to ‘Weaken Religion’

Report: China Orders Muslim Families in Xinjiang to Hand Over Qurans, Prayer Mats

China Forces Muslim Officials to Forego Ramadan Fast in Islamic Xinjiang Province

Muslims Banned From Fasting During Ramadan – Local Leader Warns Of Resistance To Chinese Rule

China is doing what always Muslim nations and Muslim people do against Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jewish, and others and telling them to abandon their religion and their own traditions/lifestyle practices. Muslim nations and Muslim people want Non Muslims to abandon their religions and become Muslim and adopt Middle Eastern practices.

You see that in EU nations where Muslim refugees and illegal aliens are doing the same thing where they want to control EU nations and turn them into Muslim nations. They verbally, physically attack or do both against EU people and trying to change laws of EU to adopt Middle Eastern practices and Islam.

Here you got China telling Muslims in China to abandon Islam and give up their Middle Eastern practices or go move to the Muslim nations like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and other Muslim nations and be with their own Muslim people.


“Beijing has an anti-religion policy generally, but it’s been applied the harshest against the Tibetans in southwest China and the Uighurs in northwest China,” he observed.

“These are crimes against humanity, against the Uighurs,” he charged. “Clearly we need to do something about it, because people are dying in these internment camps.”

“The world has, up till now, not known very much about it, and therefore has not paid much attention. Now we do know something about it, and we do need to impose costs on Chinese leaders – high leaders and lower officials who have been responsible for this. I don’t think that we should ever allow a Chinese leader to have a state visit to the U.S. while these internments continue,” he recommended.

Marlow noted that people who normally express great concern for the persecution of ethnic and religious minorities have been strangely quiet about the plight of the Uighurs.

“This is something that everyone has got to pay attention to,” Chang replied. “The Muslim leaders throughout the world, because they’ve been cowed by China, have not said anything. And so it’s ironic that the U.S., which is starting to talk about this, has become the primary defender of rights of Muslims in China.”

“This shows that the United States has a human rights focus, despite what many critics say. I think all Americans need to start to pay attention and understand: this is the way China treats its own people. How do you think they’re going to treat us?” he warned.

“The important thing here is that Xi Jinping, the Chinese ruler, has been dropping hints that he is the only legitimate ruler in the world. This is a question of sovereignty. When President Trump first started talking about sovereignty, I thought it was off-key, but now I’m starting to understand that because of China’s attack on sovereignty, our sovereignty, we need to talk about these issues publicly and all the time,” said Chang.

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  1. China has detained probably around a million Uighurs, who are the Muslims muhammad paedophile emulators in northwestern China. They’re being detained not because of crimes they’ve committed, but because they are Muslims muhammad paedophile emulators,” Chang explained. [sic]
    (Chang – a Chinese-American lawyer and [self-credited ?] China specialist) !!!

    Um … excuse me !!!
    But just being a ‘submitter‘ [or an islamophile] to islam is a MAJOR crime – in and of itself !!!

  2. What islam cannot process is the Golden Rule. When it receives back what islam has dished out for over 1,200 years, minus the mountains of skulls and untold misery foisted upon others (or each other), the rest of us won’t get weepy eyed over them dancing a bit or having a meal. Mere chump change. Apart from a forced lobotomy, the Chinese ain’t gonna’ change islam’s dna.

  3. China has it right! All religions are crimes against people!
    No state-funded subjective superstitions allowed!

    Law began as Religion, as religious law; we have not yet managed to shake off those superstitious chains.


    Too many supposedly objective laws these days are devoted to defending subjective “hurt feelings!” (insert synonyms like “dignity” and “respect”)! How and why are our laws still based on EMOTIONS?!

    Thanks to Judeo-Christianity in the West, and islam in the East, law is based on idolatry: on the static, “abstracted” from its dynamic situational circumstances, form of the emotion of fear known as despair.

    Such processes of the habitual Submission to a literally psychotic, thought-killing pre-judicial ritual imitation of rational thinking – where such insane notions as “mercy” and “compassion” (pity) in the West, and of intolerant anger in the East, render humans into mindless animals, enforced by “law!”

    1. But communism/socialism is also a religion of sorts. The ChiComs are communists in name only. Utterly corrupt and determined to steal (and use) whatever works for a free market economy, they found a perfect balance between two worlds. Lifting 600 million people out of poverty is no small feat. The old China is gone. The new China has turned into a monster.

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