New Zealand, tolerant and diverse…?

How would you like to live in a place where the PM is a dimwitted communist female who proudly declares the death of free speech?

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, arriving in Wellington from maternity leave, said New Zealand was hostile to their views.

Ardern, speaking on her arrival back to Wellington after six weeks of maternity leave, was responding to comments from Molyneux that New Zealand was “hostile to free speech”.

“I think we’re hostile to their views,” Ardern said.

“They’re here because there were no grounds to block them being here. But that does not mean we welcome their views.”

I think you’ll see from the reaction that they have had from New Zealanders that their views are not those that are shared by this country and I’m quite proud of that.”

A Maori Muslim? Demonstrating for their own enslavement? What a journey!

Thanks to Vlad Tepes:

Newshub does not allow comments under this video. Probably because they have an agenda and do not want divergent opinions on this interview.

I hope people will take the opportunity to make those comments here.

I will start the ball rolling with this one:

This interview is a brilliant example of what diversity and multiculturalism actually means to those who use the terms.

A single global culture of Marxism and Postmodernism. Any divergence from that will be punished in whatever way we can get away with it, from masked thugs attacking you and your supporters, to doxxing you and having your life ruined, to shaming and humiliation in legacy media or weaponized press like HuffPo. etc.

The gift of the far left

Dave Pellowe The Spectator Australia 7 August 2018

The far left elements of New Zealand are cheering and slapping each other on the back after successfully denying Lauren Southern & Stefan Molyneux a stage in front of 600 people (who probably mostly already agreed with them) in Auckland on Friday night.

Threats of violence, intimidation and harassment of venues made it effectively impossible for the pair of celebrity YouTube commentators to say what they had to say to the now disappointed audience. This is what we should get used to hearing more about: the “Thugs’ Veto”.

And so to the sounds of their raucous self-congratulations, Southern and Molyneux went live on New Zealand TV Friday afternoon to discuss their failed event. I was one of the promoters of their Australia and New Zealand tour, and a cancelled event is indeed a tragedy for a tour. But my mission isn’t to promote a tour and sell tickets. Nor is Lauren and Stefan’s.

Ours is a mission of national conversations about important public issues.

The gift of the Far left is that they took the private conversation just a few thousand people might have had in a private venue after parting with $80 or more, and they gave it copious amounts of additional, new audiences. They spread the message of sensible immigration priorities and intellectual debates sans feelings via their hate of unapproved opinions, and they did it for free.

In New Zealand especially, the media have given Southern and Molyneux wall to wall, prime time coverage since Auckland City Mayor Phil Goff shouted his virtue from the rooftops as the sole arbiter of which political opinions would be given a platform in his city… and these two were not welcome with theirs.

But forget the non stop internet, newspaper, radio and TV interview requests I received for them for weeks beforehand. The one single live interview with Patrick Gower hot on the heels of the final cowardly venue cancellation gave the pair a far wider audience than they ever would’ve had if the Far left had just ignored them. The mainstream media couldn’t get enough of them and were salivating for every statement, comment or quote.

Are the Far left activists really so stupid that they don’t realise how much free publicity their poisonous bile and harassment actually gives the ideas they’re trying to veto? It must be millions of dollars of free marketing. I don’t care about a cancelled event anywhere near as much as I care about the future of Western democracy, and I truly thank the Far left here and now for doing so much to increase awareness of the dangers we’re facing, the debate we’re having, and the articulate individuals like Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux who are running rings around their ideological opponents in the contest of ideas.

What else can you do when you’re so thoroughly trounced except vilify and marginalise your opponents with irrelevant insults and pedestrian labels like “racist”? It’s not like you can actually argue the merits of your positions that immigration should be unlimited, or that Western culture faces no real threat from extreme “multiculturalism” such as is observable in England, Sweden, Germany and France.

So many people have commented to me through this tour via email, social media and in person at the events that they had never even heard of Lauren Southern or Stefan Molyneux before the violent leftists started their tantrums.

I can tell you that every single savage hit piece about them had a corresponding increase in ticket sales in Australia. Positive or negative, it made little difference.

It’s a huge factor in how Trump got elected. I wonder if they’ll ever learn.

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  1. Prime [Criminal] Minister Jacinda Ardern, arriving in Wellington from maternity leave, said [socialist marxist islamophile] New Zealand was hostile to their views” [sic] – only in her and her ilks minds
    I’m a Maori muslim muhammad emulating paedophile stomping out racism” [sic] – idiot held placard pointing out she promotes her and her ilks self assisted genocide !!!

    Caption/Placard from two photos that prove
    … Stupidity – it has been photographed !!!
    … and stupids always congregate in herds !!!

    in both photos – the captured images display in detail how happily ignorant of their own impending self assisted genocide these fools are !!!

  2. NZ’s immigration policy is now determined by the hag from the islamic womens council and the hideous monsters from FIANZ Federation of islamic a………….s NZ . They are the people who campaigned to have Lauren and Steffan banned from entering the country. Some news outlets refused to cover their story..other wrote biased, slanderous crap..
    Paddy Gower’s interview if you could call it that , was the most embarrassing thing I have ever seen on the telly. NZ is doomed. All nationalist , right minded people are under attack..Only one media outlet writes articles worth reading re our current situation of galloping sharia..Whaleoil blog.

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