Stevie Wonder, Climatologist


Stevie Wonder and Aretha FranklinStevie Wonder and Aretha

Stevie Wonder is the epitome of the global warming alarmist:

The deadly form of pancreatic cancer that killed Aretha Franklin can be attributed at least in part to those who don’t believe in global warming, according to Motown legend Stevie Wonder…

Wonder suggested that global warming may have played a role in her passing, lamenting that those who deny climate change “don’t believe that what we do affects the world.”

“I just feel that all these various diseases that we have and all that is happening in the world in part is because there are those who don’t believe in global warming, don’t believe that what we do affects the world,” Wonder said.

“Heat affects the world and affects us. I just hope that people will grow up out of the foolishness and know that we all, by how we think, how we view, how we treat others, we will never unlock the key until we truly let go of the hatred, the bigotry, the evilness, the selfishness. We do that and we can unlock some of those things that keep us in this place.”


So did Franklin die of heat stress? Was she drowned by from rising seas or mauled by a starving polar bear?


Franklin, 76, died on August 16 from an advanced pancreatic cancer of the neuroendocrine type.

But reality to a global warmist is exactly what they say it is. Everything is global warming.

And note one thing particularly: Wonder blames disasters on a disbelief in man-made global warming rather than on global warming itself. It is our unrighteousness that is being punished.

This is, of course, a religious rather than scientific belief.