There’s a reason people hated John McCain

Five Prime Examples of British Foreign Aid Waste


Foreign aid consists of massive amounts of money expropriated from taxpayers and spent mainly to make bleeding heart liberals feel good about how much they care. As to where the money actually goes, the video below gives the general idea.

The Iconoclast presents five prime examples of British foreign aid waste, including money coercively spent on Ethiopian pop stars, helping chi-commies to quit smoking, yoga lessons in India, the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra, and trapeze artists and jugglers in Tanzania:

In other news:

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There won’t be another John McCain walking into the Senate anytime soon | Analysis by

Me: I sure hope not.

Why So Many Americans Loathed John McCain

Death is no excuse to forget.


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  1. It is sickening to read all these ‘he was wonderful’ eulogies. It’s all lies. He was a horrible man, and today, from the grave, he had a lackey read a final farewell that snipes at Trump. Good riddance.

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