Importing African savages inflicts African conditions on native Melbournians. But wasn’t that the plan all along?

Those non-existent African gangs held a big friendliness festival down in Melbourne overnight:

David Driscoll said he and his two daughters locked themselves inside as a large group of African youths “ran around the streets screaming” in frightening scenes in Melbourne’s northwest last night.

“They were screaming, ‘the police can’t touch us, they can’t do anything,’” he said.

And they were right:

North West Metro Commander Tim Hansen said police were yet to make any arrests following the night of trouble …

When asked why police who were present made no arrests, Mr Hansen said detectives were now going through CCTV and identifying several suspects.

The rioters were close enough to police that they were able to smash their cars with rocks, but instead of making any arrests at the time police are now looking at indistinct video footage.


Great work.

Speaking on ABC radio this morning, Mr Ashton stated that Victoria Police has “never said” there was not a problem with Sudanese gangs in Victoria.

“No one’s said it’s never been a problem, no one said it’s not something we’re trying to address … that’s something that seems to have been fictionalised,” Mr Ashton said.

It’s been fictionalised by Waleed Aly, among others.

[Ashton] said the “traditional” label of a gang might make people think of people in leather jackets like in the New York street gangs of “West Side Story” — but groups of youths at the centre of recent violence in Melbourne were more “loosely” connected and organised through social media.

I’m pretty much certain that nobody in Melbourne is thinking about West Side Story. It’s far more likely they’re reminded of the bloodthirsty Hooligals:


South Sudanese community leaders say teens are being left to run riot because they are not being supervised at home and seek out trouble at night out of boredom.

South Sudanese community leaders don’t seem very good at leading their community.


  1. No “Wheelie Bin” about it
    Every Australian
    … Past/Current (but NOT future the Treason has to STOP somewhere)
    … Federal/State/Local
    (aka “elected” Politician “appointed” Bureaucrats & Judiciary “tenured” (w)academic)

    Has/Is/Are Responsible for a Non-White Australia !!!

    NB: Doing nothing …
    (except generating your own retirement nest egg funded by Australia’s Tax Payers … which will be useless to you under islam) !!!

    Doing nothing is aiding abetting and assisting the import of, the residence of and bestowing citizenship to – many different nationalities (races) who then live in diversed (ie. no whitey) enclaves and “Their” Towns” within Australia !!!

    diversed (ie. no whitey) no-go enclaves and “Their” Towns”
    (This is Australia’s “successful” version of multiculturalism)

  2. Australia has reached a population of 25 million and The Australian newspaper reckons that they have found the 25th million “Australian”.” [sic]

    • “It doesn’t matter what their ­religion is,” the 25th-million-australian’s mother said.” [sic]
    • “In the blossoming race war, Asians are never in the discussion, because white people just assume they are on the side of Team Whitey.

    This woman and her child are not Australians. They have to go back. If they and their ilk do not it will eventually mean war. History proves this prediction. The onus is not on me to prove that it will happen. The onus is on the supporters of the multicultural disaster to prove that it will not. They can not do so for the simple reason that history does not have one example of a situation where diversity + proximity did not equal war.

    Because they can not prove their claim they will resort to the cry of “racist!” and “Fascist!” and “Neo-Nazi!” and the like. They have nothing else with which to argue. But I do not care for their ad hominem attacks. I wear them with pride. As should you. Take the opportunity to do so before your “Indian-Australian” betters decide that you’ve had your spot in the sun.

    As the whites in South Africa are now discovering …

  3. The white race is pathetic. Obvously all African migration should be paused while a critical study is completed. Why bring in people who cannot assimilate and have violence in their DNA?

    1. Re: “Why bring in people who cannot assimilate and have violence in their DNA?”

      Er … maybe:

      “Because banksters exist for “creative destruction!”?

      They always finance both sides in all conflicts, so that when they’re over, (and even during them) the loser owes the winners AND the banksters, and the winners owe them, too!

      So all conflicts are win/win for them, and lose/lose for us!

      But when there’s no conflict, there’s no fast lucrative turnovers either!

      So conflict is good for banksters, and stability sucks for them.

      Therefore banksters will always attack first, foment sedition and destruction in order to prophit from it.

      Conclusion: All banksters are by definition criminals.

    2. Hey, Jon,

      I got my first termination threat from G+ today. I must be doing something right.

  4. Further, when they loan you money, it’s fake, “fiat” money – aka counterfeit! But when you pay them back, it’s in collateral on real property which you literally slaved away to work to buy for them.

    Conclusion: All Banksters are slavers.

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