What Would Muhammad Do?

Watch Blue Collar Logic videos while you can. Google/YouTube isn’t likely to tolerate the sort of “Islamophobe” who brings up the behavior of Muhammad, the maniacal warlord who serves as the perfect model human being for Muslims:

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September 11: The Falling Man

The unnamed Falling Man of September 11 reminds us why we have to resist expansionist Islam and its left-wing facilitators:

If you still own anything made by Nike, today would be a good day to throw it in the trash where it belongs.

3 thoughts on “What Would Muhammad Do?”

  1. For Mr. Morrison: ” Tafsir Ibn Kathir”
    For the rest:
    “The Sealed Nectar”
    “Ibn Sa’d”
    “the Life Of Muhammad” (Guillaume)
    Those books can be downloaded in pdf format from archive.org/
    Use Google to search for them, it’s easier than the archive’s search engine.

    Ibn Sa’d is waquidi’s biography of the Profit. It contains the best collection of his extortion letters.

    Ash-Shifa has a nice compilation of the murders Moe commissioned or approved after the fact. Open to page 717 and keep reading.

    Tafsir Ibn Kathir is a concatenated pdf scan of all ten volumes. It is about 3G.

  2. I totally disagree with the video’s main premise. And that there is nothing wrong with the Qur’an itself, which just tells about typical “standard-issue spirituality” (no it doesn’t! There is NOTHING “spiritual” about islam at all, in any way) was TOTAL ignorant and naive BULLSHIT!

    Law began as Religion, as religious law; we have not yet managed to shake off those superstitious chains.


    Too many supposedly objective laws these days are devoted to defending subjective “hurt feelings!”

    (insert synonyms like “dignity” and “respect”)! How and why are our laws still based on EMOTIONS?!

    Thanks to Judeo-Christianity in the West, and islam in the East, law is based on idolatry: on the static, “abstracted” from its dynamic situational circumstances, form of the emotion of fear known as despair.

    Such processes of the habitual Submission to a literally psychotic, thought-killing pre-judicial ritual imitation of rational thinking – where such insane notions as “mercy” and “compassion” (pity) in the West, and of intolerant anger in the East, render humans into mindless animals, enforced by “law!”

    Re: “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you…”
    Pity your enemies instead of their victims?! Only criminals say that!

    Always turn the other cheek; Vengeance is the Lord’s alone; Love your enemy; Judge not – ever; and my own favourite: Resist ye not evil men!

    Useless Pity (aka mercy; compassion; forgiveness) is the highest of Christian virtues, while useful anger (aka “Hate!”) is the most vile sin.

    Conclusion: Christianity is a form of slave-making thought-control, too.

    Now pitying the victims and the criminals AS victims, is the highest moral virtue, while being angry or “hateful” towards criminals and crime is the most vile sin.
    (But, haven’t those always been the most basic boilerplate Christian tenets!)?

    So Christianity is just as bad as islam!

    Christianity falsely attempts to permanently tie morality to our emotions (anger: bad; pity: good).

    Christianity simply tries to sucker us into substituting useless pity for useful anger “to have peace!”

    It’s a form of government thought-control (just see Psaul openly advocating for our self-enslavement).

    It is a form of idolatry, where static absolutes avoid all dynamic circumstantial, situational realities.

    Who demands that we should always have victim-betraying pity for criminals rather than their victims?! Only criminals do such things! Even if they say we should pity both equally as fellow victims, it only denies the fact that the commission of crimes can only come through the exercise of free-will choice!

    And if we have no free will (“forgive them for they know not what they do”) then god is only a slaver.

    Perpetual pity IS “Corruption” of rationality, not true morality; and so is “mercy”-based Christianity.

    It’s just as much a form of slavery as is perpetual anger-based islam; they are COMPLEMENTARY opposites!

    Both Christianity and islam are forms of idolatry, where a pre-existing static pattern of literally psychotic, thought-killing ritual behaviour is urged to be imposed in advance on all dynamic situational circumstances which can ever occur in our lives; such “religions” are pointless and destructive slavery to our fears: one advocates pointless eternal anger and the other pointless pity; both Submitting to the mindless, static form of the emotion of fear known as despair, surrendering our free will to the external, inevitable force excuse for perpetually criminally negligent delinquency they both call “God.”

    All victimology-based extortion rackets are based on despair – the greedy fear that hope does not exist.

    “Since” there is no hope, one can only compromise with and Submit to the despairing notion of PITY for all the helpless “fellow victims” all the time.

    To counter the fact that fear, being “solid” static and so apparently reliable – at least when experienced through a shallow, emotional point of view, not a logical one, which might realize that all things being cyclical, from static to fluid to nebulous and back again as the universe expands and time passes – the hope itself is in the end just as “certain” as out fears, and in fact today’s hope pretty-much instantly if not automatically usually becomes tomorrow’s fears again anyway!

    This notion of a “solid” version of that which always feels like nebulous hope, (aks the “holy spirit) can be and often is angrily posited by people who deny automatic despair as the religious idol called “FAITH!”


    But pretending the nebulous and situational dynamic process of hope is idolatrous static faith is a lie.

    The only way you could be saved is if your god judged you as guilty as he is for your predicament, because before you left heaven you were part of him and had made an informed decision agreeing to come down here!

    But then again that’s false, as even your god can’t really love having to PITY you mortals all the time!

  3. Re: “The more people who react non-violently to the stresses and humiliations of life, the better.”

    Yeah, and I’m sure that all the predatory criminal aggressors agree wholeheartedly with that little Submission scenario, too!


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