A wonderful  requiem  by Tim Blair for the victim of the latest Islamic terror attack in Melbourne.

I knew Sisto. I went to his coffeeshop just about every time I went to Melbourne. The multiculti-fetishists have his blood on their hands.

Everybody knew Sisto
Everybody knew Sisto

Sisto Malaspina arrived in Australia from Italy, and for more than 40 years ran Melbourne’s wonderful Pellegrini’s restaurant. Hassan Khalif Shire Ali arrived from Somalia, and did rather less with his life.

Yesterday the paths of these two very different men briefly intersected:

Melbourne is mourning one of the founders of the city’s famous coffee culture after the murder of Sisto Malaspina in Bourke Street’s terror attack yesterday …

It is believed Mr Malaspina had gone to the aid of the attacker after his car blew up.

Of course he did. And of course the jihadi stabbed him to death for it.

Sisto’s business partner since 1974, Nino Pangrazio, remembers his great and generous friend:

“He loved life. He was always happy. Never a bad word, never a dull moment,” he said.

“As soon as people walked in the doors they were welcome.

“He was a bon vivant.

“The happiest person you could imagine. Always had a smile. Always had a smile for a pretty face, always with a joke.”

Sisto’s first grandchild, a baby girl, was born last Saturday. The Herald Sun’s John Masanauskas farewells a man who made Melbourne so much better:

Everybody knew Sisto, and he knew everybody.

Business people, lawyers, politicians, even the odd lord mayor, loved to come in for a coffee in casual surroundings — it was so authentic you could have been in Rome.

Just a few weeks ago I popped in for a quick flat white and saw Sisto chatting amiably to customers at the back of the cafe.

Sisto, right, and Nino laugh with customers

I remember thinking it was good that he was still there — a comforting fixture in a rapidly changing city.

Now he is gone.

And the affection he embodied been replaced by a force of pure hatred.

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