‘Butchering and Bayonet’

‘Allahu Akbar’: Brussels Policeman Stabbed in Neck During Macron Visit

Could it be that this man was never crazy, but was just a jihadi, and since Belgian authorities, like authorities all over the West, pretend that there is no jihad and that jihad activity is just an indication of mental illness, they put him in a psychiatric institution? And could it be that once he was let out, he simply resumed his jihad, as anyone who faces this problem realistically could have foreseen?

“Stabbing is being treated as a terrorist crime,” VRT,

Exclusive – Rand Paul: ‘Not One Penny’ of Aid for Pakistan Until Asia Bibi Is Freed

 Rand Paul: ‘Not One Penny’ of Aid for Pakistan Until Asia Bibi Is Freed

She was pelted with stones, punched in the face, and dragged through the streets. The local Imam finally intervened only to say, “If you don’t want to die, you must convert to Islam.” The crowd descended on her again, beating her with sticks. She refused.

State Media: China Orders Muslim Uighurs ‘to Surrender’ to Re-Education Centers

China has launched an unprecedented crackdown on religious expression by Uighur Muslims

Chinese authorities in Muslim-majority Xinjiang ordered members of the majority-Muslim Uighur ethnic minority this weekend “to surrender within 30 days” if they have been accused of “terrorism,” or dissent from the Communist Party.

Those who surrender will be eligible to avoid prison and instead join the estimated million being held in internment camps China calls “vocational centers,” where they are forced to swear allegiance to Communist Party leader Xi Jinping and abandon their faith or face various forms of torture.

China has reportedly forced Uighurs accused of engaging in terrorist and separatist activities into various concentration camps, also known as re-education centers, located across Xinjiang, an accusation that Beijing denies.

ISIS Supporters Encourage ‘Easier Ways’ for Fellow Jihadists, Like ‘Butchering and Bayonet’

Lone jihadists are encouraged to pick “deadly and easier ways” of attacks in new tips circulated online among ISIS supporters, with an image depicting a woman walking on the Palais de Chaillot framed in crosshairs.

The crudely photoshopped image, with the Eiffel Tower in the background, also depicts three victims on the ground at the popular tourist spot as a terrorist sporting a black T-shirt and face mask wields a bloody knife.

“Lone wolves” are advised to “prepare a plan and study it correctly,” and “if the plan is prepared, trust in Allah.”

The first suggested method of attack is running over people with a heavy truck, like Nice in 2016, “if available.” Then comes “butchering and bayonet” and attacking “their gatherings.” That’s followed by “snatched [sic] them from their house one by one.”

France frequently figures into propaganda from ISIS and their online support network, as the November 2015 Paris attackers are lionized as key examples of a waging an assault on one’s home turf.

Venezuela: Maduro Regimes Continues Military Purge as Arrests Reach Record High

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