Europe’s ‘Fundamental Transformation’ Into EURabia

Eurocrat Verhofstadt Launches Anti-Orban Campaign: ‘He Wants to Destroy Europe’

Verhofstadt, a megalomanic EUSSR apparatchik, drunk on power, is ready to destroy everything we hold dear. He seeks to destroy everyone who stands in the way of the unelected EU monster-bureaucracy that wants to turn Europe into EURABIA.

 We don’t want Verhofstadt’s EUSSR. No one voted for a communist superstate with open borders under sharia law.

Traitors like Verhofstadt should be hanged from the lamp poles of Brussels. But the people of Europe have been kept in the dark, they just cannot imagine how vile and how insane these Brussels communists are to bring us their NWO dictatorship.

It’s time to shake up Brussels. Let’s protect Europe! 


Senior Eurocrat Guy Verhofstadt has sent a campaign van on a tour of Brussels with a slogan saying that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán “wants to destroy Europe.”

The ardent EU federalist, known for his bombastic attacks against European conservatives and patriots, attempted to troll Mr Orbán by arranging for the van drive past the Hungarian Embassy in Brussels several times during the next week before making its way to Hungary.

The mobile billboard shows a picture of the Hungarian conservative with the text: “First he took our money, now he wants to destroy Europe.”

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E.U. Official: ‘More Honest’ to Scrap ‘Unrealistic’ Turkey Membership


BERLIN (AP) — The official overseeing the European Union’s future enlargement says that, in the long term, it would be “more honest” for the bloc to give up talks on membership for Turkey.

EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn was quoted Tuesday as telling German daily Die Welt: “I think that, in the long term, it would be more honest for Turkey and the EU to go down new roads and end the accession talks.”

Hahn added that “Turkish membership in the European Union is not realistic in the foreseeable future.” He argued that sticking to the talks has “blocked the path to a realistic, strategic partnership.”

Turkey started its EU accession negotiations in 2005 but the talks are stalled amid concerns over Turkey’s political situation, with some nations opposing membership.

The UN’s global “Compact for Migration” would have  fixed that problem. It is meant to open Europe’s borders to  welcome unlimited numbers of third world savages.

Taliban’s Tax Collectors Force Afghans to Fund Terror Group

Taliban’s Tax Collectors Force Afghans to Fund Terror Group

Continued, Verhofstadt:

Addressing media standing next to the van Tuesday, the European Parliament’s chief Brexit coordinator said: “At next year’s European elections, Liberals and Democrats will lead the counter-movement against right-wing populists who conspire to bring the EU down and remove people’s rights.

It is the duty of every patriot to destroy this unelected monster-bureaucracy. When Verhofstadt says “remove people’s rights” he doesn’t mean the right of Europeans to live free and unmolested in their own countries, no, he means the “rights” of African savages to invade, to rape and pilfer the wealth of Europe to destroy its fabric, the white race, its culture & civilisation.

The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in Europe group in the European Parliament, chaired by Verhofstadt, is working with the left-wing Hungarian party Momentum, organising action against Prime Minister Orbán, with the MEP adding: “Together with our liberal Hungarian party Momentum, we will show the Hungarian citizens what is going on in their country.

“We will send the truck to Hungary and intensify our values campaign. It is time for pro-Europeans to take the lead. Hungarians and Europe deserve better than Orbán.”

and his cronies have destroyed Europe! 

Hungarian government spokesman Zoltán Kovács hit back at the “performance,” saying that Verhofstadt and his “liberal cronies” were attacking Hungary because of the country’s refusal to accept the bloc’s open borders policies and economic migrants from the Global South.

“They want to transform Europe into an immigrant continent and Hungary into an immigrant country,” Mr Kovács wrote, condemning Verhofstadt’s left-wing progressive “designs.”

“The Government of Hungary, however, will continue the campaign and the policy that it has initiated, because on numerous occasions,” recently in the general election in April where the Prime Minister won his third consecutive term in a parliamentary supermajority.

“The Government will be sticking to its position, because the people of Hungary have made it clear on numerous occasions that they do not want to live in an immigrant country,” he added.

In October, the Hungarian government released a video calling out the “reckless” EU’s mass migration policies, and vowed to “shake up Brussels” in May’s European Parliament election, where right-wing, patriotic, and populist parties are set to make gains.