News Roundup November 09.2018

 Indonesia wants a guarantee on the Israeli embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem before finalising free trade deal.

Sick of being blackmailed by Indonesia? Sick of watching Turncoat suck up to Islamic headbangers? Sick of Indo’s dictating Australia’s foreign policy? Get rid of Lib-Lab kaputniks. Vote !!!!

Australia being strong-armed by a country that locks up people for blasphemy, subjects female police officers to degrading virginity tests & canes homosexuals in public in Aceh. Oh and Australia gave $360 million in foreign aid to Indonesia this year.

Cronulla Council cancels Islamic group’s booking for stall in Cronulla mall due to ‘non-compliance with conditions’
Stall outside the post office in Cronulla mall on October 21. Picture: supplied

An Islamic group has been refused permission to operate a stall in Cronulla mall because the council says conditions were not complied with on two previous occasions.

The Islamic Practice Dawah Circle handed out what was described as educational material promoting multicultural inclusion.

The group’s website says its aim is “to help Muslims live in accordance with the teachings of Islam by creating a socio-cultural environment, where Muslims can practice their faith in complete harmony with the aboriginal heritage, democratic spirit and multicultural social fabric of Australia”

No ‘harmony” in Islam. No “aboriginal heritage” and no “democratic spiri” either. These da’awa gigolos are just annoying.

Italian Populist Salvini’s Migrant Decree Passes Senate Despite Coalition ‘Rebel’ Protest

Italian Senate Passes Salvini’s Migrant Decree

Rome (AFP) – The Italian Senate on Wednesday cleared the way for far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s tough anti-migrant and security decree to become law following a confidence vote.

Keeping Italians safe from the invading Muslim armies is not “far-right”, it is not “populist” and it is not “tough anti-migrant”. This loaded language is Soros induced distortion of reporting.

20,000 Mohammedan Migrants ‘Almost All Armed with Knives’ To Cross into Europe

A breakthrough of more than 20,000 migrants preparing to cross the Bosnia-Croatia border and on to European Union (EU) nations is imminent, according to Austrian intelligence, which warns many are “armed”.

Migrant attempts to break into the EU have grown increasingly bold and forceful, with police and illegal immigrants injured in several clashes since the middle of October, when hundreds began camping at the border — reportedly after having been given misinformation that Croatia was set to open its frontiers.

According to Italian news agency ANSA, local media reports the groups send numbers of young people and children towards the police line to chant “open border, open border”, while clashes see mobs of young men charge at police, and throw stones and other projectiles.

University of Sussex Professor Emeritus: ‘Israelis Blew Up Twin Towers’

U.K. Professor Emeritus: ‘Israelis Blew Up Twin Towers’

“Not Saudis, Israelis blew up Twin Towers with help from Zionists in U.S. govt.”

Crackpots like this breed in fever swamps that used to be known as institutions of higher learning.

Leftist Thugs Harass Tucker’s Wife at His Home

Twitter Stonewalls for Antifa…

…Slow to Delete Account that Doxed Carlson, Hannity, Coulter

James Woods in Mary and Martha (HBO/NBC Universal Television, 2013)Actor James Woods said if an Antifa thug had banged on his front door, as one reportedly did to Tucker Carlson’s front door, it would have been the last act in the “final five seconds” of the attacker’s life.

Macron’s Praise for Nazi Collaborator Marshal Pétain Shocks French Jews

Amazing how he gets away with this….French Jews have reacted in horror at reports President Emmanuel Macron will honor Marshal Philippe Pétain, the Nazi collaborator who authorised the deportation of tens of thousands of Jews to death camps, in a centenary tribute because he “was a great soldier in World War One.”

“I am shocked that we can honour a man who, it must be remembered, was himself responsible for the deportation of Jews from France, including the Vel’ d’Hiv raid .”

France’s participation and responsibility in the Holocaust has long been a sensitive issue in France and was only officially recognised in 1995 by then president Jacques Chirac.

In 1995 he admitted that Petain’s Vichy puppet government was the French state. Chirac spoke at the Vel’ d’Hiv cycling stadium in Paris, known for a 1942 roundup of French Jews that saw 13,000 people deported to Nazi concentration camps, a third of them children.

Fewer than 100 were to survive the war.

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  1. ” Indonesia wants a guarantee on the Israeli embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem before finalising free trade deal.”

    How about Australians want a guarantee that we stop giving billions of dollars in aid to a country that seeks to determine our foreign policy?

    “The Australian Government will provide an estimated $375.7 million in total ODA to Indonesia in 2015-16, including an estimated $323 million in bilateral funding managed by DFAT.”

    How does ‘free trade’ with Indonesia help Australians at all when we give hundreds of millions of dollars to them each year in direct aid?

    Essentially, we’re paying them to buy stuff from us! How does that work? How sustainable will that be?

    This is insanity.

    1. No. We’re paying the jiziya (tribute) with willing submission while feeling subdued. Didn’t you notice what good dhimmies our politclowns are? All the way back to KRudd & G-Lard, from Turncoat to ScoMo, we’re paying. Just to keep the peace. Or else….

  2. So Australian foreign policy is now made in Jakarta?
    How dare they tell us where our embassy is to be located.
    Morrison should tell that little twerp in Jakarta where to stick his free trade deal. Australia cannot be held to ransom over our foreign policy. Morrison should immediately push forward and move our embassy to Jerusalem. F**k Indonesia.

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