Portraits in Moonbattery

Portraits in Moonbattery: Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron came to our attention as a moonbat par excellence when he exploited a WWI memorial service to take a dig at the American president (who was present) and to rave insanely that nationalism is the polar opposite of patriotism. He is almost as difficult to take seriously as Justin Trudeau. However, The Iconoclast makes a case that Macron is the most dangerous moonbat in Europe:

Europe will become extinct if the progressive ruling class personified by Macron is not overthrown soon.  (Moonbattery)

Macron: ‘Franco-German Couple’ Will Stop World ‘Descending into Chaos’, Warns Against ‘Nationalism’

“We must have common defence, turn the euro into an international currency with a budget, and create a European asylum office… all of this is in front of us.”

We must not. The EUSSR must die.

Claiming that Germany and France “owe it to the world” to develop into a European super-state, he warned that the world was “changing” and “at a crossroads,” speaking with foreboding of a “nationalism without any memory.”

Goodbye Ireland

Ireland will be receiving “an extra MILLION people before 2040 & that’s not going to come from [the] indigenous population” Irish man attends Refugee Council meeting to oppose the replacement migration project which is “destroying community, nationalism & faith”

Well said ISI LEIBLER!

“Liberal American Jews may hate TRUMP, but to describe him as pro-Nazi and an anti-Semite qualifies them collectively as CRAZY”

That many Jews with a liberal tradition oppose Trump’s conservative policies and dislike his aggressive tone is not surprising. But what is incomprehensible is the hysterical abuse they shower on the president and that they do so in a Jewish context. The almost lunatic attacks on a president by such a wide section of the Jewish community, including progressive rabbis, Jewish lay organizations like the Anti-Defamation League and Jewish women’s groups, which had until now avoided partisan politics, is utterly unprecedented.

Jerry Brown: Climate Change Skeptics Will Be ‘Believers’ Within 5-Years


Sunday on CBS’s’ “Face the Nation,” Gov. Jerry Brown (D) said the increasing wildfires in California meant that “in less than five years” the “worst skeptics” were going to be believers in climate change.

He added, “The only way to assure the long-term forest health is not just, you know, cutting trees, it’s going to require reducing carbon emissions and eventually, sooner rather than later to zero. If we don’t do that, you’re going to see these fires not only continuing but getting worse by the year as they are. The last five years, the fires have never been this bad. This fire in Malibu is the worst we’ve ever seen….”

Carbon is plant food. Cut carbon to zero and plants won’t have food. Then they die and the fires get worse. Brown fell off the stupid tree hitting every branch on the way down.

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  1. Regarding carbon dioxide causing global warming. In huge grow-houses in the US, Europe and Israel, producing vegetables, fruits and of course, marijuana bud, these producers BURN natural gas using gas burning machines that throw off large amounts of carbon dioxide. That’s right, the growers are manufacturing carbon dioxide everyday! Why? Well CO2 is usually about 400 ppm, but growers use regulators to control burning gas so that the byproduct CO2 reaches 1500 PPM. 1500 PPM is the optimal PPM level for CO2 for leaf and flower production. Then the burners turn off until it drops below 1400ppm, and they start burning gas to get that PPM back up. This is only done during daylight hours. That simple fact proves that these global warming alarmists build their argument on sand, soft, wet sands. Increasing CO2 IS GOOD for the earth!

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