“Seafaring Welfarers” is not necessarily an accurate term for Mohammedan cultural enrichers who believe they are entitled to jiziya payments while waging jihad on their infidel hosts.

All aboard for the handouts voyage

All aboard for the handouts voyage


War-shattered refugees from Europe and Asia arrived in Australia and the US eager for jobs and responsibility. The crew on Nauru, however, have different priorities:

More than 70 asylum seekers in detention centres on Nauru have knocked back an offer to resettle in the United States when they heard they would have to work and would not receive welfare.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said the refusal by a sizeable number of people on Nauru to resettle in the US indicated they were not genuine refugees.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Mr Dutton also warned that resettling refugees from Nauru in New Zealand would risk restarting the smuggling trade to Australia — where they would end up in Nauru, regardless of whether they have children.

These folk don’t seem like net gains, no matter where they end up.


The couple from Tehran arrived in Australia via Indonesia in 2013 and were granted refugee status within months.

Their story does not end happily.