800 Schools in Mali Closed Due to Islamic Violence…

Just your standard pre-election antics

Just your standard pre-election antics

“Mankind developed in Africa,” P.J. O’Rourke once observed. “He has not continued to do so there.”

Those lines were obviously from an earlier time, when instant-outrage online screech-and-destroy teams did not exist. In that respect, middle-class white mankind throughout much of Australia, the US and UK has also failed to develop.

But back to Africa, where a Congolese election isn’t running smoothly:

Nearly 80 percent of the equipment for staging the December 23 election in DR Congo’s capital, Kinshasa, was destroyed when a fire ripped through a warehouse, as violence flared just 10 days before the vote …

Also Thursday, a teenager was shot dead in the central Kasai region as party faithful gathered ahead of a rally by Felix Tshisekedi of the UDPS, one of the leading opposition candidates.

At stake in the election is the political stewardship of a mineral-rich country that has never known a peaceful transition of powersince independence from Belgium in 1960.

The shooting comes after a bloody week in which five other opposition supporters were shot dead as they gathered to welcome rival opposition candidate Martin Fayulu as he campaigned in the southeast.

Political battles in Australia are sometimes described as “bloodbaths” and such. Similar terms used elsewhere are not metaphorical.

White Journalist Threatened with Death in South Africa

Time recently chose “the Guardians” as Person of the Year. These “Guardians” consist of endangered journalists. Jamal Khashoggi, who was murdered by his repressive government, is presented alongside the staff at the Capital Gazette killed by a demented hippy moonbat in an incident that was not politically motivated, but which Time dishonestly spins as a partisan assault on the liberal media. The cartoonishly obvious objective is to present journalists as heroes risking their lives to save civilization from countermoonbattery. There is no mention of Adriaan Basson, a journalist for South Africa’s News24, though he faces more danger than the self-aggrandizing propagandists at Time, to judge by a tweet from an Economic Freedom Fighters supporter calling himself “TshekoTsk”:

[TshekoTsk] was responding to a news article about Black First Land First (BLF) leader Andile Mngxitama’s call to kill white people over the weekend.

TshekoTsk said that although he had never agreed with Mngxitama on any issue before, this time he did, adding that “action” had to be devised to kill white people such as Basson, who has recently been very critical of the EFF leadership, particularly Julius Malema.

Basson has been referred to by Malema as a “racist thing.” When you get called a “racist” in South Africa, that means you are in big trouble for being white.

Since the liberal media establishment embodied by Time is largely responsible for whipping up international pressure for South Africa to turn itself over to the sort of people running it today, don’t expect any features on Basson, even if he ends up getting disemboweled.