Charlie Hebdo journalist gets death threats for holding up Western values

Charlie Hebdo Journalist: ‘Islam Must Submit to Criticism’

“I think that have not only the right to just say these things, but I think that in the current context, I also have the duty, because unfortunately, many voices have given way to the intellectual terror that is trying to impose this wall of silence on us,” explained the French-Moroccan.

Charlie Hebdo journalist Zineb El Rhazoui has received rape and death threats for saying “Islam must submit to criticism”.

The journalist, who has lived under police protection since a number of her colleagues at the satirical magazine were murdered by radical Islamic terrorist devout Muslims for satirising the Prophet Mohammed, said she has received “Insults, racist insults, [and] threats of death or rape” since she insisted: “Islam must submit to criticism, submit to humor, submit to the laws of the Republic, submit to French law.”

“I have not changed my mind since,” she added defiantly in an interview with the Europe 1 radio station.

“Islam has to submit to French laws, humour, reason and any form of criticism just like any other ideology, sect or religion.”

Yes. All should be accountable to the same laws. This should be taken for granted by all French authorities as a requirement for living in France and a prerequisite for entering it as an immigrant. But it isn’t. And that is an indication that France is in an advanced state of degeneration, and is likely not to last much longer as anything resembling a free society.

“Woman threatened with murder after saying Islam should submit to French laws and criticism,” Voice of Europe, December 21, 2018 (thanks to the Geller Report):

Moroccan-French journalist Zineb El Rhazoui says she has received death and rape threats for saying “innoccous” [sic] things like: “Islam has to submit to French laws, humour, reason and any form of criticism just like any other ideology, sect or religion”.

According to the former cartoonist of Charlie Hebdo “There is no valid reason for Islam to be an exception”.

This woman’s outrage is well justified. The French, and leftist strategy overall, is to lie, to deceive us, and to minimise  the Islamic threat.

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The authorities in Marseille have closed down a clandestine Salafist school.

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Speaking to Le Figaro about the situation, Professor Laurent Bouvet, of the University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, suggested El Rhazoui’s treatment was a consequence of hosting Islamic radicals who “do not accept the secularisation of society and secularism as a regulatory principle.”

“They are unable to think of their faith in a world where it does not produce law… a significant part of the Muslims living in France today do not accept to put the law of the Republic before the law of God,” he warned.

Professor Bouvet also criticised the academic and media establishment for coddling Islam and affording it a certain privileged status.

“If Zineb El Rhazoui would have been threatened for criticising Judaism or Christianity, she would have been immediately defended, rightly, by those who are silent today because it is about Islam… This place apart reserved for Islam leads to permanently assigning to Muslims, in a collective and essentialised way, the role of victims,” he observed.

“The idea of suspending any critical reason, any feminist consideration, any humanism or universalism as soon as it is Islam or Muslims can only lead to the worst,” he added.

One thought on “Charlie Hebdo journalist gets death threats for holding up Western values”

  1. Re: “This woman’s outrage is well justified. The French, and leftist strategy overall, is to lie, to deceive us, and to minimise the Islamic threat.”

    The liberals’ “religion” is group-might-makes-right idolatry as excuses for their own crimes, just like their us-versus-them tribal moslem brethren.

    They are all gangster extortionist criminals at heart, who like to pretend that cause-and-effect (who started it) morality doesn’t exist at all, and so pretend immoral relativism to “prove” that:



    And they’re doing it by implicitly slandering the rest of us as racists; ignoring that islam isn’t a race, but a crime syndicate, as they insist on desperately scraping around for a few anecdotal examples of “good, moderate” moslems.

    I don’t hate any of the non-moslem Arabs, just as I wouldn’t have been against non-nazi Germans, or non-Mafiosi Italians, etc.

    I only hate crime and the criminals which commit them, which is precisely, exactly why I hate islam and it’s moslems, respectively.

    But those of the liberal ilk are trying to insist they really do have some valid evidence of “good nazis,” and “good Mafiosis!”


    Some people are so scared of losing that they don’t even try to win any more: “If I don’t try to win, then I can’t lose!”

    So they pretend that compromising their own integrity isn’t mere cowardly Submission to their own fears, but a virtue!

    They pretend they meant to do that – that compromising, negotiating away their own and others’ rights to extortionists, to giving in and going along with criminal lies to get along with the other lying criminals, to settling in stead of winning, and to the pretense that there are no real criminal aggressors, but only equally helpless fellow victims, is only being reasonable, shrewd, canny, wise and realistic – and further, that those people who dare to resist extortionists are really only being mean to those same criminally aggressive predatory equally helpless fellow victims who always deserve support.

    If and when one is paranoid and believes everyone else is a gang out to get them, then opposing the gang is insanity and virtue-signalling a literally slavish worship of the gang’s holy might-made-right is the most moral of rational choices.

    And once their cowardly treason to rationality and civilization is embedded in their self-image as morality, it’s over.

    There will be no reasoning with such hypocrites – the only thing which can change them is them selves, given lots of time.

    Their real victims won’t have the time to spare, so if they haven’t committed physical damage, they may be jailed, but if they have committed physical damage against other people – well, you all know my preferred punitive and deterrent methods.


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