Imprisoned After Objecting to Muslim Rape Gangs


Disapprove of the Muslim rape gangs that have made sex slaves of teenage (and younger) British girls on an industrial scale? You had better keep it to yourself if you live in the Airstrip One region of Oceania:

A British man who organised a rally against Muslim rape gangs in Sunderland is facing seven years in jail.

William ‘Billy’ Charlton, 53, was accused of ‘stirring up racial hatred’ by Police.

Charlton isn’t the only one:

A local grandmother was also arrested alongside him for “nothing more than filming his speeches” according to a source close to the case.

The grandmother’s name is Catherine Haley. She is 60 years old and suffers from bowel cancer. Meanwhile, violent criminals run amok in once great Britain.

Tommy Robinson has also been imprisoned for reporting on Muslim rape gangs.

No wonder the gangs have been allowed to get so far out of control. Who wants to go to prison when it is so much easier just to let British girls be defiled and enslaved?

In other news:

Welfare State + Open Borders Cannot Go On Forever

A society may be able to survive open borders or a generous welfare state, but never their combination. Black Pigeon Speaks considers what this means for Europe’s near future:

Stein’s Law says that if something cannot go on forever, it will stop. That goes double for the welfare state accompanied by mass Third World immigration.

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