Orban: Africa Will ‘Destroy Europe’s 2,000-year-old Culture’

Orban: Bringing Africa’s Problems to Europe Will ‘Destroy 2,000-year-old Culture’

That’s a very polite way to describe the planned genocide of white, native Europeans.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has warned mass migration from Africa would destroy Europe’s culture.

Ah, it’s your culture! Why didn’t you say so!?

“[W]e should deliver help to Africa and not bring the problems to Europe,” he said in an interview with the Austrian media, adding that the conservative-populist coalition government in Vienna holds the same position as Budapest.

“Some people say that the solution is to bring migrants to Europe because they think it will be good for their country. The Hungarian position is that we don’t want this. There is an ideological difference,” he explained.

“This isn’t a solution for Africa, nor for Europe. In this case, our culture, which we have been cultivating in Europe for two thousand years, would be destroyed.”

France for the French. Italy for the Italians. Hungary for the Hungarians.

Germany Considers ‘Mosque Tax’ to Counter Foreign Funding Influence

Germany Considers ‘Mosque Tax’ to Counter Foreign Funding Influence

The German government is considering a new “mosque tax” for the German Muslim community to pay for its own mosques rather than rely on foreign funding.

Humbug. They will still teach the same Islam from the same Quran.

Countryside-Dwelling, Environmentally-Friendly Families are “Right Wing Extremists”, (Leftist) Researchers Warn

The left is disgusting. They are the dangerous extremists they are warning us about.

3 thoughts on “Orban: Africa Will ‘Destroy Europe’s 2,000-year-old Culture’”

  1. If one is still so clueless as to wonder why self-hating white European “leaders” are so Hell-bent on committing racial and cultural suicide by destroying their own countries …

    Let’s define terms: Intelligence is speed of thought and memory. Smarts or wisdom is how one uses that intelligence (hint: honesty is the best policy, and deliberately self-inflicted paranoia leads to all other ultimately stupid “mental illnesses”). cf: Stupid but intelligent people can do really dumb things quickly and accurately, and they usually do (see “South Africa” for a prescient view of Israel’s potential future end).

    The White Curse is that increased intelligence leads to a certain type of stupidity denied to the less intelligent breeds: the one and only real drawback of White intelligence is that the ability to see so far into the future leads some of the more weak-minded ones (“liberals”) to see all the potential problems as inevitable, and so they become paranoid masochists who hypocritically pretend to instantly compromise with and Submit to (and actually cause or induce others to cause) those very same problems which cause those pains they fear the most! That way, they can pretend to ‘control’ and cancel the additional pains caused by fearing them! Notice how all the destructive self-hating “liberals” are whites/Jews! No other breeds on earth act that way!

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