The German Dilemma

Word ‘Christmas’ surprisingly MISSING in German minister’s official Christmas card

Any hyphenated  German female is a piece of shiite.

Some columnists in German media zeroed in on the phrase and rushed to slam Widmann-Mauz’s claim that belief doesn’t matter, but it’s unclear if there was any deliberate message there.

What others pointed out is that Christmas is not only a recognized religious event in Germany but also a public holiday that extends on all citizens regardless of their faith or ethnicity.

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But what perhaps angered critics most is that Widmann-Mauz was much more specific when congratulating other religious communities on their respective holidays.

“Hanukkah sameach!” she wrote on December 3, wishing “all Jewish men and women a happy and blessed holiday.”

Nothing wrong with that. She also wished Mohammedans a “happy ramadan”. But she can’t wish Germans a Merry Christmas.

  • The ruling, which effectively opens the door to legalizing Sharia-based child marriages in Germany, is one of a growing number of instances in which German courts are — wittingly or unwittingly — promoting the establishment of a parallel Islamic legal system in the country.
Native Germans are the custodians of the country

Congressman Steve King in an interview with Hagen Grell. He appeals to Germans to be proud of being German.

In other news:

Sharia Swimming Rules Enforced Against Native German Family in Bremen

by Baron Bodissey

The video below concerns a father who was denied the right to participate in a parent-child swimming group because Muslim women who brought their children there would be disturbed by his presence.

There are two things worth observing about this incident. The first is the fact that the Muslim mothers had previously accepted the presence of a man amongst them, and then later changed their minds. Presumably they had been enjoying a social situation that functioned according to traditional German norms, where men and women can relax and interact with each other. It seems likely that their husbands then forbade them to engage in such shameful behavior any longer. If the Muslim community in Bremen behaves like Muslim communities elsewhere, there would have been a threat of violence, explicit or implied, against wives who failed to comply. The husbands may even have been the ones who complained to the local authorities, but the report doesn’t mention that.

The second thing to notice is the fact that this incident actually made the news in ultra-politically-correct Germany. Not only was it reported, but the husband was treated favorably, rather than being presented as a WAYCIST and possible AfD voter.

This is because Germans are sticklers for following the rules; it is part of the German character. Forcing the man out of the swim group violated existing codified rules, and was therefore clearly wrong. Until sharia rules are codified in German law — which will probably happen within the little girl’s lifetime — Germans will not easily accept being forced to abide by them.

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