The Mosques of Germany

Mosques as beachheads in Germany

Tell the truth about Islam in Germany and you might get a visit from Merkels Gestapo or a lawsuit that sends you broke for “hate speech”. But the Mosqueteers get away with murder, literally.

Two great videos thanks to Vlad Tepes:

Even if we expose the hate preachers in the  mosques, the “authorities” side with  Mohammedans against the natives and go after them for telling the truth. But if you put a strip of bacon on a mosque doorknob you will go to prison where you may very likely get murdered by the soldiers ofallah.

Denmark also did a similar documentary much more recently which had a much better effect. Mosques were closed, rules were laid down and people were deported.

Stop the Islamisation of Europe!

A video from Geert Wilders and the PVV:




The Mosque: House of Worship or House of Terrorism

By  via Geller Report

“Firm figures are elusive, but estimates are that the Saudis fund up to 80% of American mosques, at least in part. And their goal is the same here as it is elsewhere in the world where Islam must compete with other religions: to prevent Muslims from integrating into the host society.”

With many mosques popping up across America, it is rapidly changing the landscape in the United States as it has changed European countries. Many parts of the US resemble the Middle East.

The Quran (18:21) states: ‘Build a building over them, their Lord knows best about them;’ and those who prevailed in their affair said, ‘We will surely make a mosque over them.’ This means build over churches or synagogues as a symbol of victory.

“The al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem was built on top of one of the holiest sites in Judaism, the Temple Mount. The former St. Sophia’s Basilica, once the world’s largest cathedral and orthodox patriarchal basilica, was torn down and replaced with the principal mosque of Istanbul. The Cordoba mosque in Spain was a former Christian cathedral. Muslims have engaged in this practice for centuries, symbolizing their victories over infidels.”

According to Pew report, there are 2,106 mosques in the United States as of 2010, and the nation’s largest mosque, the Islamic Center of America, is in Dearborn, Michigan. And Islamic Centers are not even included. Some reports have shown the number of mosques have quadrupled.

Another shocking report

It has been reported that Muslim businesses around the country conduct their regular business during the day and in the evening, they turn their stores into Islamic gathering places. There are several thousand of these makeshift “Takeyehs.” Don’t be confused with Taqiyyeh (Deception).

If only the masses of Muslims arise and carry out the orders of Allah, then we would have the promised paradise of Islam on earth as exemplified by such rules as that of the Taliban, Saudi Arabia, the Sudan, Somalia, and of course the Shiite nirvana of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In these model Islamic societies, freedom of expression, worship, and assembly are taken away. Women are treated as chattel. Young girls are subjected to barbaric genital mutilation to make them sex slaves and birth channels.

The Saudis have been arrogantly indiscreet about spending to promote Wahhabism. For example, a 2005 Freedom House report reviewed some of the extremist literature provided to the public by Saudi-funded institutions and concluded that it poses “a grave threat to non-Muslims and to the Muslim community itself.” The monarchy has also given multiple and generous grants to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the most aggressive and effective Islamist organization in the United States.”

In this relentless campaign, Muslims have a vast cadre of “experts,” “talking heads,” and for-purchase politicians who keep endlessly broadcasting the false mantra that Islam is a religion of peace. This latter bunch is criminally complicit in making the populace complacent and furthering the work of Muslims. When mosques are built, imams, mullahs or mosque elders tend to be sent to the U.S. with one clear mission:  Make Islamic religion, laws, and life supreme within the United States or any other host country, using any and all tactics necessary.