French government set to enact martial law prohibiting protest, curtailing freedom of speech

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Trump administration downgrades EU mission to US

The Trump administration has downgraded the diplomatic status of the European Union’s delegation to the United States, an EU official has confirmed to DW. The demotion happened at the end of last year without notice.

Macron the Dictator: France a totalitarian state?

France plans to introduce new legislation to punish protesters after seven weeks of violent “yellow vest” demonstrations.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe spoke after rioters torched motorbikes and set barricades on fire on Paris’s upmarket Boulevard Saint-Germain on Saturday.

He said on Monday that 80,000 members of the security forces would be deployed for the next wave of protests.

France Moves To Ban All Protests As PM Announces Major Crackdown On Yellow Vests


France is signaling it’s making preparations for a massive new crackdown on the gilets jaunes or “yellow vests” anti-government protests that have gripped the country for seven weeks. A new law under consideration could make any demonstration illegal to begin with if not previously approved by authorities, in an initiative already being compared to the pre-Maiden so-called “dictatorship law” in Ukraine.

In the name of reigning in the violence that has recently included torching structures along the prestigious Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, and smashing through the gates of government ministry buildings, the French government appears set to enact something close to a martial law scenario prohibiting almost any protest and curtailing freedom of speech.

Fires set at structures along the famous Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, France

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe presented the new initiative to curtail the violence and unrest while targeting “troublemakers” and banning anonymity through wearing masks on French TV channel TF1 on Monday. He said the law would give police authority crack down on “unauthorized demonstrations” at a moment when police are already arresting citizens for merely wearing a yellow vest, even if they are not directly engaged in protests in some cases.

Immigration is simple:

1. Go down the list of the world’s countries

2. Ask if Americans can go there and have anchor babies

3. Ask if Americans can move there and go on welfare

3. If not, stop taking people from those countries

Have enough pride to demand basic reciprocity.

Brasil: Bolsonaro announces Brazil will quit the UN’s Migration Pact!

This Suicide Pact deems migration a “human right” & erases countries borders

Even the Media is being threatened by UN that they MUST report on Migration in a positive manner or their funding will be cut!

Jair Bolsonaro declares Brazil will NOT turn into France!

“Brazilian Trump,” Bolsonaro condemned France for allowing in so many migrants who make parts of France ‘unliveable’ (no-go zones), never integrate and ‘want to make THEIR culture prevail.’

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