Ireland: Ruination by Moslem Invasion

Boohoo, they’re all victims and they all wanna be doctors:

Married at 14: Syria’s refugee child brides

Child marriage among Syrian refugee children is on the rise. Two girls tell us about their lives as wives and mothers.

Each year, childhood ends for an estimated 15 million girls around the world who marry before the age of 18, according to the International Centre for Research on Women (ICRW). South Asia has the largest concentration of child brides, but early marriage is a global phenomenon.

Actually not. It’s above everything a Mohammedan phenomenon.

Italy: The Mafia and the Migrants

People & Power investigates the Italian mafia’s scams to profit from the plight of desperate migrants and refugees.

More than 600,000 migrants have arrived by boat in southern Italy over the past four years – seeking sanctuary from war, persecution and extreme poverty across the Mediterranean.

At first, most Italians were as tolerant and patient with the new arrivals as any other European might have been – or at least gave shrugging acceptance to their country’s place in the front line of the refugee crisis.

There never was a “refugee crisis”. This was an organised invasion from the very beginning. It must be reversed. 

Ireland’s Ruination by Cultural  Islam Tsunami

This article follows “A Million Parasites for Ireland” and “The Crushing of Irish Culture: It Has Been Decided” by the same author. The bold type emphasis is the author’s; items in italics and brackets in the text are his interpolated observations.

Ireland’s Ruination by Cultural Tsunami

By Michael Copeland
January 18,2019

Ireland’s Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, said:

“….we want to reshape Ireland over the next two decades”.

A spokesman explains [at 0.10]:

“We want to attempt to double the size of all of the cities, in population terms, outside of Dublin.”

Social engineering

“Ireland” in Varadkar’s statement is not the land, or the buildings: it is the people. He and his colleagues want — that is what he said — to “reshape” the population with a million extra people, mostly imported foreigners. This is social engineering from above. The people, of course, were never asked. They are not the ones that want this. The “we”, in Varadkar’s phrase, are the politicians. It is politicians who want to inflict this cultural tsunami on the native Irish, population 4.7m, in the only land they have, which will overpower and destroy Irish culture. Cultures are, after all, fragile.

Varadkar says:

“Why do we need a plan? We need a plan because in 20 years’ time there’ll be an extra million people living in Ireland.”

There will be an extra million people living in Ireland. There we are. Just like that: all perfectly straightforward. Varadkar says so. They will simply arrive. Oh yes?


The video, “Ireland 2040 — Our Plan”, offers no reason for importing half a million non-Irish. Varadkar is not atoning for Ireland’s colonial record, for there is not one. The “project” is not being promoted as humanitarian help for “refugees”, nor as bringing in more workers — to an economy that already has 6.7% unemployment. The voice-over cites “climate change”, and “energy needs”, neither of which is helped by a million extra consumers. Varadkar appears in the video giving cheerful upbeat spin. Only platitudes are offered:

“to build a better society… a plan to make Ireland a country that reflects the best of who we are and what we aspire to.”

This “better society” turns out to be a society with fewer Irish in it. Significantly and most revealingly there is not a single mention of encouraging young Irish adults to have more children, or to create tax support for families. No, this project is not about Irish native families. The material is all about new arrivals from other cultures, by no means all compatible, and some openly hostile.

“All over Ireland today … we have diverse communities … that bring colour and vitality….”
— David Stanton, Minister for Equality, Immigration and Integration

The unavoidable suspicion is that this waffle disguises undisclosed compliance with some Merkel-type quota imposed from outside, by the dictatorial EU or the sinister UN, or the background banksters. This would fit with the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan to make Europe’s people a mixed-race Afro-Eurasian blend, eliminating national differences, and leading to the brave new Utopian EUSSR. It fits, too, with the manifesto of Communist Altiero Spinelli, whose name is over the doorway to the EU Parliament. Merkel and others laid EU-coloured flowers at his tomb. Spinelli wrote of abolishing private property, and having a European army to help impose the dictates of the central administration. Sounds familiar?

Project Ireland 2040

“Project Ireland 2040 emphasises social outcomes and values (population dilution and replacement) ahead of economic targets. It prioritises the wellbeing of all of our people (a give-away phrase), wherever they live and whatever their background(Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, you name it).”

The project includes awesome bureaucratic prose that lets the cat out of the totalitarian bag.

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