It’s us they hate!

Macron against the people

Macron calls French opposing the EUSSR regime  “hateful crowd” in his New Year’s speech.

What the MSM does not show you! This is what Macron and his EU run police state are doing to the French people wanting to be heard! Brutality at its finest. Still they stand and fight

80% of French Back Yellow Vest Citizen Referendum Initiative Proposal

According to a new poll, 80 percent of the French public support a proposal backed by the Gilets Jaunes  (Yellow Vests) movement that would allow citizens to propose referendums that would create new laws.

The Citizen Initiated Referendum (RIC) would allow French citizens to propose their own laws that would then be voted on by the general public in a referendum that could effectively bypass the French parliament, broadcaster RTL reports.

According to the Yellow Vest movement, the RIC would not be limited to just proposing new laws but would have several other functions including repealing existing laws and referendums on amendments to the French constitution.

80 Percent of French Back Yellow Vest Citizen Referendum Initiative Proposal

Al Qaeda Banana

Leader Ayman Al- Calls To Join , Urges Attack On & Interests.

Manchester Jihad

Sky News reports Manchester stabber shouted “terror slogans”. There’s a frigging video of it and they still won’t play it or report what he actually said. Absurd.

America’s first two Muslim congresswomen to be sworn in, surrounded by the women they inspired

Celebrate it, fools!

Trump: ‘If I Were Popular in Europe, I Wouldn’t Be Doing My Job’

Trump: ‘If I Were Popular in Europe, I Wouldn’t Be Doing My Job’

Delingpole: Twelve Debunked Climate Scares We Can Laugh at in 2019

12 Debunked Climate Scares We Can Laugh at in 2019
Poll: Merkel STILL Most Trusted Politician in Germany

She might be the “most trusted” by the invaders. We’ll never know who answered the question.

But it doesn’t matter who answers the questions, only who counts the results. That’s why communist leaders always get 98% of the vote

Pope Francis Warns: Haters Should Not Go to Church

This Communist pope is a leader of the Globalist Movement.

He’s accusing others of what he’s guilty of. That’s one of Alinsky’s rules….hold your enemy to their standard, YOUR standards can change so that the “means justify the ends”

Because that’s what subjective morality, reality and nihilism does.

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  1. Re: “He’s accusing others of what he’s guilty of. That’s one of Alinsky’s rules….hold your enemy to their standard, YOUR standards can change so that the “means justify the ends” Because that’s what subjective morality, reality and nihilism does.” Projection is all self-limited unimaginative psychopaths have left.

    All psychotic paranoid masochists are criminal hypocrites:

    All paranoids are hypocrites, and all hypocrites are paranoid – because they always blame others in order to always stay better than them (as victims) and so insist they’re always right and everyone else is always wrong and out to get them.

    They’re macoshists because they cause their own pain – often mostly BY blaming (and thereby attacking first) all others.

    Obviously, all masochists are paranoids, as well – because they have no hope except to stop the “inevitable, additional” pain caused by the generalized remembered fears of it, by inflicting it on them selves: Masochism IS thought-killing “psychopathy.”

    All masochists are psychopaths, and all psychopaths are masochists.


    So, the entire “mental illness” meme is nothing but a combined “syndrome” of thought-killing psychopathy which has threee main symptoms: “paranoia” – which is really nothig more or less than habitual, victim-blaming, hypocrtical masochism. It’s all self-inflicted and it’s all a choice – and these days, it’s the lucrative no-money-in-solutions choice of extortion.


    Is is misleading because is openly endorses the criminals’ main “inevitable force” alibi to excuse their crimes, by adopting the diseased victim model of society, in direct opposition to the legal profession’s free will choice model.


    And how and why are psychotic masochists also sadists?

    Because they see others’ weaknesses (and teir fears of same) as externally-inflicted attacks on them selves.

    Also, while they can’t feel others’ pains, they habitually risk (and feel taking risks accomplishes their desired goals of avoiding self-reflection, while also giving them the rewarding feeling of potentially turning vague fears into present pains – which is the only real, if self-inflicted and habitual – hope they have left to feel).

    And that’s why they are so inquisitive – not to find out how things work so they can iummprove on them, but to find out how to screw them up so they can risk themselves doing so – so they can choose the fears they want to be focused on, and not leave that choice to the external enemy.

    That’s also why, despite being risk-takers, psychopaths are also rigid control freaks.

    What comes across as hypocrisy and libertine nonsense makes perect sense when viewed this way.

    Their masochism, hypocrisy, and paranoia are all mens-rea guilty mind free-will driven intentional criminal choices.

    The part of their paranoia which is a choice is the fact that they are hypocrites in pretending and trying to do something about it – but what they are really trying to do, as above, is to control the risks they take and inflict on others just to distract themselves from in their own internally generated but pretended as externally inflicted fears of pain.

    In short, suicidal masochists are still cowards, so they try to taunt others into helping them commit suicide.


    Some people are so scared of losing that they don’t even try to win any more: “If I don’t try to win, then I can’t lose!”

    So they pretend that compromising their own integrity isn’t mere cowardly Submission to their own fears, but a virtue!

    They pretend they meant to do that – that compromising, negotiating away their own and others’ rights to extortionists, to giving in and going along with criminal lies to get along with the other lying criminals, to settling in stead of winning, and to the pretense that there are no real criminal aggressors, but only equally helpless fellow victims, is only being reasonable, shrewd, canny, wise and realistic – and further, that those people who dare to resist extortionists are really only being mean to those same criminally aggressive predatory equally helpless fellow victims who always deserve support.


    If and when one is paranoid and believes everyone else is a gang out to get them, then opposing the gang is insanity and virtue-signalling one’s literally slavish worship of the gang’s holy might-made-right is the holiest of rational choices.


    Masochism IS thought-killing – to attempt to cancel niggling FEAR (which generalized memory of past specific pains is the very first prioritized start of the entire thinking or conception process itself) with the immediate perception of pain.

    When one is paranoid, one has cancelled all rational hope, and thus only the fear remains – so the only hope left is by definition the irrational kind of inverted despair – to make one’s end as quick and painless as possible, to quickly embrace the pain-causing damage mistake and problem one fears the most, and by doing so, hope to end the pain in death and even more hopefully, in nonexistence. This is the process of self-inflicted paranoid masochism called psycho-pathy.

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