New cases of child rape revealed in Finland – President says asylum seekers brought evil with them

After uproar, Finland to increase sentences for child rape

Helsinki: Finland´s government presented tougher laws against child rape to parliament on Thursday, following outrage at a court´s ruling last year that sex with a ten-year-old was not rape.

Finnish Court Rules Sex With Children Is ‘Permitted’

Finland’s Supreme Court has ruled that sex with children as young as 10 is not ‘rape’ if you come from a culture where sexual relations between adults and kids is ‘normal’.

“It is unbearable that people who have asked for and even received asylum from us have brought such evil and caused unsafety here“, the country’s President Sauli Niinistö said in a statement.

A number of cases of rape and abuse of children, with foreign perpetrators, have been revealed in Oulu in the northern parts of Finland since last autumn, Fria Tider reports.
The police are investigating another four cases with girls under the age of 15, where three perpetrators of foreign Islamic background have been arrested suspected of rape and serious sexual abuse of children.
In all cases, the suspects have background as refugees or asylum seekers.
And now the police in Helsinki have arrested several migrants suspected of serious rape and serious sexual abuse of children. The crimes have been committed in the last two months.

The problem of “grooming gangs” that became notorious in major cities of the UK has now spread to culturally enriched parts of Finland, especially Oulu and Helsinki.

Katie Hopkins and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff have teamed up as “Katie & the Wolff”. They arrived last night in Finland, and their first video report is from Helsinki.

Finland has a problem with grooming gangs

Katie & the Wolff Get the Brush-Off From the Mayor of Oulu

Katie & the Wolff: A Report From Rotherham North


Katie Hopkins and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff — who now comprise the team known as Katie & the Wolff — are currently in Finland to investigate and report on the “grooming gang” problem that is now surging in the country.

The city of Oulu, on the Gulf of Bothnia in northern Finland, is known as the rape capital of Finland. Needless to say, most of the rapists of underage girls are culture-enrichers.

Katie & the Wolff attempted to meet with the mayor of Oulu, but were fobbed off on a subordinate. Afterwards they talked to the camera about what had just occurred.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video:

After the two met with the mayor’s representative, Katie Hopkins was interviewed by YLE, the Finnish state broadcaster. It’s a standard progressive state media outlet, roughly the equivalent of the BBC or the CBC. We don’t have anything analogous in the USA, but CNN would be a close enough match.

It’s unlikely that YLE will ever actually broadcast the interview. However, our Finnish correspondent KGS was there with his video camera, so what Ms. Hopkins said about Rotherham North will not be lost to posterity. Here’s the recording KGS uploaded to his YouTube channel:

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