St Kilda rally: Guess how many journalists mentioned any of this?

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Lucas Rosas The Unshackled 8th January 2019

While the media goes nuts again about the supposed evil right wing threat after the rallies at St Kilda on Saturday the same press as usual seems decidedly uninterested in who organised the smaller counter protest. The main counter protest was originally organised by Sue Munro, a woman with years of membership in fringe left wing extremist groups.

In 2014 Munro joined the Socialist Party, a Trotskyist extremist group then led by Councillor Stephen Jolly. She was involved as an organiser and spokeswoman for the Socialist Party front group “No room for Racism” which helped co-ordinate the often violent attacks on the Reclaim Australia rallies in 2015-2016.

In February 2016 Munro followed Jolly in leaving the Socialist Party after an alleged cover up of allegations of sexual harassment made against former councillor Anthony Main. Jolly and Munro along with a dozen others then began a new (now seemingly defunct) Trotskyist group called “The Socialists”. When Stephen Jolly formed an electoral alliance with Socialist Alternative and Socialist Alliance (Victoria’s two largest Trotskyist groups) called the “Victorian Socialists” Munro joined with him, although her enthusiasm faded as the internal investigations into Jolly’s alleged sex pest and “dick pic” sending behaviour got underway.

Ms Munro was present in a group harassing a pro- life event earlier last year in central Melbourne in the company of (and holding a sign for) the feminist-Marxist group the “Freedom Socialist Party”. The FSP is led by prominent Marxist Debbie Brennan; a Communist so extreme that she visited Cuba in the eighties and came away convinced that the problem with the Castro regime was that it wasn’t Communist enough. Ms Brennan was also present at the “anti-racist” rally on Saturday and was even interviewed by the Age who referred to her as an “organiser” as well as a founder of the “Campaign against racism and fascism” group with no reference to her almost four decades of Marxist activism.

Also quoted in that Age article is Anthony Kelly the Flemington and Kensington Legal Centre chief executive. Kelly and his group are notorious for having spent the last fifteen years suing Victoria police on behalf of African “youths” thus helping to create the reticence in law enforcement in dealing with that community that has inflamed the current situation. The media has during this time pointedly ignored the extremist connections of Mr. Kelly including the fact that he spoke at the Melbourne Anarchist book fair last year; an event that promotes violence against police and the idea that all laws Victorian police attempt to enforce are illegitimate.

Ms Munro is also an associate of convicted murderer David Hollis; a man who in the early nineties went on a violent deranged stabbing spree wounding six and killing one. This association isn’t in the past; Mr. Hollis was seen at the “anti-racist” rally standing at Ms Munro’s shoulder. Ms Munro was also present at the vigil for terrorism victims held by Avi Yemini last year where she heckled attendees with obscenities and reportedly spat on those who objected.

The “Campaign against Racism and Fascism” group (or CARF) quickly backed Ms Munro’s call to action. The CARF was originally founded by Australia’s largest and most violent Marxist group the Socialist Alternative (SAlt) in an alliance with several smaller groups such as Debbie Brennan’s Freedom Socialist Party and Kieran Bennett’s Anarchist “Platformist” group Collective action, both of which have since been forced out by the SAlt.

Almost every speaker at the CARF organised rally was an activist for Socialist Alternative. Old hands Vashti Kenway and Chris Di Pasquale were prominent but the person perhaps acting as the chief spokeswoman was Tess Dimos whose rain soaked face you might have seen on the ABC broadcast. Tess has been a Marxist and a Socialist Alternative activist since at least June of 2015. Ms Dimos is probably best known for attempting to charge the stage along with other extreme let activists to attack then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as he was speaking at the Little Lonsdale St Greek festival in Melbourne in February of 2016.

Almost every Anarchist and Marxist group in Melbourne was represented at the event. Prominent above the “anti-racism” protest was a flag with the “Antifa” logo. Antifa of course being a group described by the U.S Department of Homeland Security and the FBI as a perpetrator of “domestic terror activity.” The Antifa logo on the flag features two smaller flags, the black flag of anarchism and the red flag of communism, thus symbolising an alliance between the sometimes antagonistic ideologies to commit violence against anyone they deem to be “fascist”.

So what we had was a protest organised by a Marxist, backed by numerous Marxist and anarchist organisations flying a flag which contained the flags of anarchism and communism fronted by a Marxist activist best known for trying to attack a Prime Minister and another Marxist activist who is a known associate of alleged sex pests and convicted murderers.

Also with them were the Marxist activist who led the violent attack on the buses outside the Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern event (Chris Di Pasquale), a Marxist known for creating an unsafe atmosphere for Jewish students on Monash university and being arrested for leading violent protests against Jewish owned chocolate shops (Vashti Kenway), and a semi-lunatic ultra-Communist best known for protesting outside Christian conventions and leading the violent blockade of a bus of people trying to attend a Cory Bernardi speech (Debbie Brennan).

Guess how many journalists mentioned any of this? Guess how many even bothered to check? Guess how many of the brave members of the fourth estate currently having hysterical fits over the (admittedly stupid) mocking Nazi salutes of a few misguided fools at the patriot event bothered to find out why the “anti-racist” opposition had so many known extremists (and even a convicted murderer) in their ranks?

Why none of course. What a surprise.

I think we all know why.

1/ Image: Daily Mail Australia photo: Aidan Wondracz

2/ Sue Munro (centre) at an anti pro life protest with members of the Marxist Freedom Socialist Party.

3/ Stephen Jolly. Confirmed Marxist. Alleged sexual harasser.

4/ Chris Di Pasquale of Socialist Alternative with Debbie Brennan of the Freedom Socialist Party…/exposed-the-extremist-orga…/…

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