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Germans and French blamed as migrants refused safe haven

No Arab Moslem, no African savage has an entitlement to settle in Europe. This refugee racket is a monumental scam. All of these people must be returned at once. No one in Europe is responsible for their livelihood.

A group of 47 migrants is rescued by a Sea Watch 3 rescue boat off the Libyan coast on Saturday. Picture: AFP

A group of 47 migrants is rescued by a Sea Watch 3 rescue boat off the Libyan coast on Saturday. Picture: AFP

A private rescue boat with dozens of migrants aboard has unsuccessfully sought permission for a second day from several nations to enter a safe port.

As Italian ministers blamed rescue ships and French colonialism for the latest tragedy in the Mediterranean, another vessel crowded with panicking migrants and taking on water put out an appeal for help in the Mediterranean late on Sunday.

Sea-Watch 3, run by a German NGO, said it had contacted Italy, Malta, Libya and The Netherlands, since the boat is Dutch-flagged, asking where it could bring the 47 migrants it had taken aboard. Sea-Watch tweeted that Libyan officials had hung up when it asked for a port assignment after the rescue on Saturday about 50km off the coast in Libya’s search-and-rescue area.

Separately, Sea-Watch tweeted on Sunday afternoon that because it appeared no country’s coast guard had initiated a rescue mission, Sea-Watch 3 was heading toward a vessel with 100 migrants aboard that said it was taking on water.

“We can’t cover by ourselves the Mediterranean, where persons are left to die,” Sea-Watch said, estimating that it would take 15 hours of sailing to reach the stricken boat in waters north of Misrata, Libya.

If it wasn’t for Soros financed shuttle services like Sea-Watch, these so-called migrants would not dare to set sail.

News of the migrants’ plight was relayed by another aid group and distress hotline, Alarmphone.

Sea-Watch said the migrant vessel reported navigational problems and that a child among them was “unconscious or deceased”. They told Alarmphone they soon might not be able to keep up communication. Alarmphone said the migrants were panicking and screaming. “The situation is desperate,” it said.

Always. The children, the children! Their children. What about our children?

The hotline said Malta promised to call it back, but ultimately the Maltese informed it only that the Libyan coast guard was busy with three other rescues.

Italian Interior Matteo Salvini, leader of the anti-immigrant League, said the migrants had probably been lured to sea by the presence of Sea-Watch 3. “The latest shipwreck is proof that if you open the ports, more people die,” he said, adding the ship should “take the long route” and land them in Hamburg.

Economy Minister Luigi Di Maio said the drownings last week of 170 migrants in two shipwrecks had generated crocodile tears. “If today we have people leaving Africa, it is because certain European countries, led by France, have never stopped colonising Africa,” he said, calling on Brussels to sanction France for impoverishing its former African colonies and contributing to the departure of desperate migrants.

This month, Malta transferred to land 49 migrants who had been aboard Sea-Watch 3 as long as 19 days but refused the boat port entry. They were allowed to set foot on the island only after an EU- brokered deal found several countries willing to take them as well as other migrants, who had been rescued at sea earlier in separate operations by Malta.

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  1. All NGO vessels should be blown out of the sea,and the crews be charged with human trafficking.

  2. Stop the invasion! … [sic]

    Point One …
    Incarcerate the Treasonous politicians and authorities and their dolt suicidal Lackies !!!

    Point Two …
    Stop & Revoke all Australian Benefits & Entitlements !
    Retrieve all Australian Benefits and Entitlements !
    Of Invader islams & Diversifier criminal African tribals !!!

    Point Three …
    Remove the criminal invader islams !!
    Remove the murdering diversifier [Kill Whitey] criminal African Tribals !!

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