The UN is worse than garbage


Check out all that Yemeni empowerment

Check out all that Yemeni empowerment

Yemen is the worst place on earth for women. So the UN just appointed Yemen as its vice-president of gender equality and female empowerment.

Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, is understandably taken aback:

“How could the UN choose Yemen, a country that tolerates female genital mutilation, denies women hospital treatment without the permission of a male relative, and counts a woman’s testimony as worth half that of a man?” asked Neuer.

“We remind the UN that women in Yemen cannot marry without permission of their male guardians, and face deeply entrenched discrimination in both law and practice, in all aspects of their lives, including employment, education and housing.”

The UN is garbage. No, scratch that; the UN would need to improve by a factor of millions before it could even be considered in the same category as garbage.

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  1. The UN is garbage controlled by islam.
    No, scratch that; the UN would need to improve by a factor of billions before it could even be considered in the same category as garbage … (garbage rots down to be beneficially reabsorbed by the earth)

    islam is a mind virus and does not directly contaminate the hosts body although the islam virus’s host WILL cause damage to itself !!!
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  2. I used to live in a very nice apartment complex. However, it was bought by the city and became rife with Section 8 types and Hurricane Katrina refugees. They city’s “logic” was that if the Section 8 types were exposed to hard working white people and uppity college students, that, somehow, the intelligent and productive characteristics of the whites would rub off on them and we’d all be drinking pink bubble-up and eating rainbow stew. Of course, it was idiotic and black criminals simply moved in and exploited the white residents. This is the same mentality of the UN. The UN is little but an islamoleftist hellhole, moslem boys club and OIC sock puppet. It needs to be destroyed, now.

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