Blair Cottrell: Free Speech Becoming Very Expensive

Mohammedans are offended by a mock beheading – but not  offended by the fake god’s calls for ‘unbelievers’ to be beheaded and mutilated – or by real beheadings in Swordi and elsewhere under the sway of ‘Allah’]

Blair Cottrell Loses Appeal Over Bendigo Muslim Protest. Seven News

Fake news. Cottrell didn’t lose anything. The High Court returned his case back to the country court. Disgraceful.

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Blair Cottrell to Persevere With Blasphemy Conviction Appeal

… Cottrell is aiming to challenge the constitutionality of Victoria’s blasphemy law under Australia’s implied right to political communication. Bolton has argued that there is “no such class of persons as Muslims” that could have been offended by the mock beheading video given the various strands in the Islamic faith. …

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No Speech For Bold Men

This looks a lot like a runaround designed to drain his resolve and wallet, all the more reason to keep fighting. The county court just needs to uphold the previous decisions of the High Court.

The system will not relinquish control quietly or easily, they are anti-White to the core.

Meme by Ryan Fletcher.

It appears Australia’s High Court has made it clear that cases pertaining to free speech for White Australians will not be heard in the highest court of the land. Nine News reports:

Far-right activist Blair Cottrell has had his bid to fight for “free speech” in the High Court knocked back but will continue his campaign in Victoria’s County Court.

Cottrell, who has links to a number of far-right organisations including the United Patriots Front, appeared in the country court appealing his conviction for inciting hatred, contempt and ridicule of Muslims after making a video beheading a dummy in protest of a Bendigo mosque.

After news that his High Court application had been dismissed, Cottrell’s lawyer John Bolton said he would argue in the County Court that there is “no such class of persons as Muslims” that could be offended by the video, given the variety among the Islamic faith.
Blair was noted as having said in the article:

“It’s being drawn out deliberately, I think, probably to see how much money we’ve got,” “I’m not going to give up.”

As someone who featured in an Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) 2018 Report, I find Blair’s tenacity to be a source of strength as the Rights of White Australians are thrown to the wind.

Considering the cultural enrichment of our immigration, at what point will normie Australian’s awaken from their globalist induced comas and start standing up in defiance of this cancer?

Food For Thought.

Patriot activist Blair Cottrell was at Victoria’s County Court today with his lawyer John Bolton for a mention hearing, the latest step in Cottrell’s appeal against his 2017 conviction under Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act for offending Muslims.

This was for conducting a mock beheading with fellow patriot activists Neil Erikson and Christopher Shortis outside the Bendigo council building in 2015, as part of the United Patriots Front’s activism opposing the construction of a mosque in the town. The mosque to this date has not been built.

Cottrell is aiming to challenge the constitutionality of Victoria’s blasphemy law under Australia’s implied right to political communication. Bolton has argued that there is “no such class of persons as Muslims” that could have been offended by the mock beheading video given the various strands in the Islamic faith.

Cottrell and Bolton had attempted to have the appeal heard in the High Court last December but they sent it back to Victoria’s County Court to decide, unwilling to hear such a case until it has been tested in lower courts, despite Judge Lisa Hannan appearing uneasy about deciding a constitutional matter.

The appeal will now go to trial in the County Court in August. Outside the court today the mainstream media were in an assembled mob. There was a heavy police presence, the public order response unit wasamong those outside.

However, unlike previous hearings involving patriot activists, no Antifa protestors were present.

Neil Erikson was also in attendance to support Cottrell.

Despite hearing all of the facts on the case the mainstream media spun the hearing as Cottrell’s High Court bid having failed. They of course referred to him as a “far-right activist” and “convicted racist”. The appeal can still be heard by the High Court once it has made its way up from the lower courts.

Some of Cottrell’s comments to the assembled media can be viewed below:

Cottrell summarised his day a Periscope Livestream which was published on his Twitter account outlining the facts to date.

Cottrell plans to persevere with his appeal with Bolton committed to representing him. Hisonlybarrier is legal expenses which have culminated so far to $13,000. Cottrell suspects that the drawn-out appeals process has been designed to drain him financially.

He crowdfunded his appeal through PayPal until his account was frozen in December last year when the platform cracked down on”political extremists” using the platform.

Supporters can continue to contribute Cottrell’s legal expenses by messaging him on Twitter and requesting direct bank deposit details.

Cottrell, Erikson and Shortis’ 2017 conviction has been another example of the lack of free speech in Australia. Victoria’s blasphemy laws are one of the numerous examples throughout the nation which render offensive language unlawful if directed to minority groups.

3 thoughts on “Blair Cottrell: Free Speech Becoming Very Expensive”

  1. “Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act”

    Law made for sensitive, intolerant Muslims who love to use it against infidels.

    Maybe we should find out the definition of religious tolerance is in the Act.

    Why did Victoria go down this track?

    1. I believe endorsing crimes and crime-gangs is in itself illegal, so this “law” is a crime made up by criminals to subdue the criminals’ intended victims.

      Why should anyone be forced by a law to “tolerate” ANY religious nonsense (all of which are, at best, opnions presented as facts – in other words, lies aka “fraud” to legal-minded folks) at all?!

      And in the case of islam, of course, it really means “All crimes are allowed, as long as you invoke a “god” as your #1 alibi to excuse your own criminal desires and actions! And that goes double if you’re a swarthy mentally-inferior animal-person who is so at the mercy of his animal instincts that he just can’t be expected by mentally-superior whites not to behave in a physically violent manner whenever they feel “oppressed” (confused by facts, logic, and reality) by those same whites?!

      So these “laws” really only actually enforce crime and racism, and seek to silence the racist criminals’ intended victims.

      So ask your selves, Ozzies:

      Who voted such “laws” in?!

      What are their names? Where do they live?
      What are their email addresses and phone numbers?

      Just sayin’ – rights to rule must come with responsibilities to those they seek to rule over. Otherwise, ‘Authority’ is really only slavery – where they have only rights and no responsibilities, by offloading their responsibilities onto their victims, who have no right to resist them, but are only expected to have the responsibility to become and remain their slaves.

      Are you a slave?


  2. But “muslim” IS indeed a class(ification) of persons – it’s a sub-category of those we designate as “CRIMINALS.”

    Criminals, we might add, who have an OFFICIAL penchant for beheading their “enemies” (innocent victims).

    So it’s obvious how it would be perfectly natural to “offend” such hypocrites (remember: all criminals are hypocrites, and all hypocrites are criminals) for pointing out that they are in fact criminals who endorse beheadings.

    Pointing out how criminals commit their crimes, is, however, not itself a crime, to “our” (muslim-pandering, criminal hypocrite) “leaders” – but only, of course, when it involves the world’s largest and scariest, oldest and ongoing global crime and murder-gang, “islam” and its holy mobster “muslim” gang members.

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