Sweden: things are getting worse by the day…

Sweden: Mohammedans welcome,  entrepreneurs go home!

An Australian coffee entrepreneur and award-winning barista has been told to leave Sweden after getting tangled in bureaucratic red tape while trying to renew his work visa.

Swedish Journalist: Cars Being Set on Fire by Islamic Extremists…

Swedish) Gay Man Beaten at ‘LGBT Certified’ Housing for Migrants…

An Afghan migrant has been convicted of taking part in a vicious attack on a gay Iranian fellow migrant at an asylum home in Sweden. A gang of 15 Afghans allegedly jumped the Iranian in the dining room. The attack occurred despite the fact that the residence was a “gay certified” asylum center.

Swedes Want to Kick Hungary’s Orban Out of EU Parliament Group

Candidates for Sweden’s Moderate Party have called on the party of Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán to leave the European People’s Party (EPP) ahead of the European Parliament elections.

While Sweden rots from the head down it dares to badmouth the Hungarians who want to preserve their heritage, history and historical identity.

While Hungary and Viktor Orbán may have adversaries within the EPP, they have staunch allies elsewhere, such as Poland’s governing Law and Justice Party (PiS) who have said they would veto any attempts to introduce sanctions on Hungary.

Orbán, Salvini Set to Take On Globalism at EU Elections with Anti-Migration Front 

City Welcome Sign With Islamist Muslim Woman in Hijab Sparks Outrage in Sweden

On a digital advertising board at the entrance to Gävle in Sweden, a Muslim woman in a hijab has welcomed visitors to the city in the past week.

In a comment published on Facebook Gävle Municipality writes that Gävle is a city of “great diversity”.