It’s all about jihad & sharia

Philippines: Jihad leaders sworn in as administrators of a new Muslim autonomous region

They should have all been summarily executed instead.

There is no way that this will end well and that peace will now come to the Philippines. The jihad imperative doesn’t end when Muslims establish an autonomous regime. There will be new pretexts for violence, new complaints and new demands, and the strife will continue.

UK: Labour calls for stripping IDF soldiers of citizenship – one day after call to let ISIS bride back in

Their priorities and preferences are clear, and they are rapidly getting the Britain they want. By the time they realize what they have done, it will likely be too late.

Pompeo on ISIS bride with CAIR lawyer: “She’s a noncitizen terrorist…she’s not coming back to the US”
Funny how these Islamo-agitprops all come creeping out from the sewers to assist their coreligionists in need. You’ll never see them assist exasperated infidels after an attack.
UK’s Muslim “advisor on countering extremism” says ISIS bride must be let back in or more Muslims will turn to jihad

Sara Khan’s premise is that Muslims only turn to jihad because Infidels are unkind to them. If we turn in kindness to Muslims, all will be well. So if this unrepentant jihadi bride is let back into Britain, and raises more jihadis, all will be well, but if she is barred from the country, more […]

New York Times Delusions

“…could be the highest-level negotiations yet between the insurgents and American diplomats to end the Afghan war..”

‘I have been commanded to wage war against all mankind until the people say there is no God but allah & his prophet’, said Muhammad. Until the ideology of Islam is not exterminated there will never be peace on earth.

Taliban “officials” during peace talks in Moscow early this month.

Afghanistan's only yoga studio: A calm oasis for war-weary women


‘We will make the Taliban do yoga with us’

Delusional. The last time the Talibandits ruled women were banished from public life and beaten with cables if they showed up in the streets.

Germany: 74-year old do-gooder evicted from his council flat to make room for Islamic cultural enrichers:

We shouldn’t feel sorry for this fool who has done so much damage to the country….

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  1. Re: Philippines sets up islamic autonomous territory (ghetto and crime-gang clubhouse) …

    This better be one of those “Invite them to disarm because they think they’ve won, then invite them to a feast in their honour. Next, lock them in, and burn down the building,” type tactic.


  2. ∙ While the ideology of Islam is not exterminated there will never be peace on earth.
    ∙ Until the ideology of Islam is exterminated there will never be peace on earth. “

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