The news blackout on the 2019 French Revolution is unforgivable

The worst violence since the Algerian War!

Police are under orders to attack the peaceful patriotic demonstrators, those pesky patriots left over from the older culture – Macron thought they were all gone, but he was wrong, so he has to terrorize them, and even infiltrate their ranks, using organized leftist groups to generate violence that he then blames on the Gilets Jaunes themselves. Patriots are definitely not sacred cows. Au contraire, they are the enemy of the State.

France’s Le Pen Blasts President Macron Over ‘Lack of Democracy’

The leader of the French National Party — Marine Le Pen — is criticizing French President Emmanuel Macron amid ongoing yellow vest protests.

In an interview Wednesday, Le Pen said Macron’s attempts at national reconciliation will fail if the president fails to address the demands of yellow vests. She said the popular movement will not subside unless Macron improves the economy, creates jobs, and tackles Islamic mass migration. (GoV)

‘Unacceptable Provocation’: Italian Populists Troll French Establishment by Meeting Yellow Vests

France’s foreign ministry has reacted with anger after Italy’s populist deputy prime minister Luigi Di Maio met with French Yellow Vests, calling the gathering an “unacceptable provocation.”

Di Maio, whose anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) party governs Italy in coalition with the right-populist League, met with Yellow Vest leader Christophe Chalençon as well as candidates for European Parliament from the anti-government movement on Tuesday.

Italy: Yellow Vests Meeting Fully Legitimate Says Di Maio

Macron often attacked us says M5S leader, deputy PM

(ANSA) — Rome, February 7 — Deputy Premier and 5-Star Movement (M5S) Luigi Di Maio said Thursday his meeting Tuesday with members of the French Yellow Vests protest movement in Paris was “fully legitimate”.

France: Grenoble Mosque Shut Down Due to Radical Islamic Preaching

That would suggest that there are mosques which are not engaged in “radical Islamic preaching”, which is absurd. They all read from the same book.

Authorities in Grenoble have shut down the Al-Kawthar mosque for six months following accusations of links to radical Islamic ideologies.

The decision was made by the prefect of Grenoble who issued a statement on the closure, saying “The elements collected by the specialised services have established that the remarks made and the ideas and theories disseminated within this place of worship provoke violence, hate, and discrimination.”

Fake News & Giant Holes

Journalistic sleuths attribute everything bad in the world to climate change. Forbes believes climate change caused ISIS. Obesity is also blamed on climate change.