‘Absolutely disgusting’

Banging the DRUM of grievance theatre:

These people are our sworn enemies. They want to see us dead. Here is Randa Abdel-Fattah suggesting Australian settlers behaved like Mohammedans. They didn’t:

“Australia has had a fear of invasion. We’re forgetting the fact that this society, this Australia was founded as a white settler colony, based on the genocide theft and disposition of the Indigenous people.” Randa Abdel-Fattah

“The perfect example of the consequences of this normalisation of hate speech is the way that there are certain things that you can say now that’s become part of our common sense vernacular, the idea you have a right to be a bigot.” Randa Abdel-Fattah

“Who pays the price for free speech? It’s about privilege and power and about the consequences of free speech…”

These people are well trained Islamic agitprops. Our ignorant politicians pander to them.

Anything to shut you up:

“It’s not so much about freedom of speech. It’s about hate speech and using that as a vehicle to get to that point. What are the consequences? 50 dead men, women and children. They have consequences.” Lydia Shelly

“The Islamophobia register was started as a direct response from Muslim women being targeted in public, there are cases of pregnant women being pushed to the ground. We weren’t being believed by the government and law enforcement.” Lydia Shelly

Their lies are nauseating, but they are believed by their leftist enablers.

‘Absolutely disgusting’: Pauline Hanson rejects ‘white supremacist’ link to Anning appointment

If Victorians want to know what bullying looks like look no further than the below video clip, it’s bullying 101.

From the  Victorian Conservative Support Page

First up Koch is a liar and no one ever pulls him up, the reality is there has been 31 non-Muslim terrorist attacks in the last 30 years compared to 34,736 Islamic terrorist attacks since 911 white supremacists are not the problem in Australia, lying media and governments filling our country with terrorists are.

As for Hinch do you ever hear him speak out about a home invasion? Have you ever heard him speak up and condemn the African violence? Have you ever heard him condemn anything pertaining to the crime in Victoria? Not a peep, he’s a sucker but takes great delight in sitting a TV studio “BRAIN DEAD CENTRAL” and accuse Pauline Hanson of crap.

Pauline Hanson had nothing to do with what happened in New Zealand on Friday, we are not being told all the facts about New Zealand.

Koch and Hinch are wankers of the highest level and bullies, remember Banks is all over Hinch like a bad rash.

Queensland senator Pauline Hanson will abstain from voting to censure her former One Nation party colleague Fraser Anning because it won’t “prove a damn thing”.

In a fiery face-off with fellow crossbencher Derryn Hinch on Sunrise, party leader Senator Hanson downplayed her past connection to Senator Anning, whose comments about Muslim immigration incited global outrage in the wake of Friday’s Christchurch massacre.

“For you to say that is absolutely disgusting,” she told Seven’s Sunrise when asked if she had picked Senator Anning to run for One Nation because of his white supremacist views.

“No, I didn’t pick him because of that.”

The besieged senator also rejected claims from co-host David Koch that the terrorist manifesto, written by accused gunman Brenton Tarrant, had a similar rhetoric to her party’s immigration policies.

“This terrorist manifesto almost reads like One Nation immigration and muslim policy. Do you in any way feel complicit with this atrocity?” Koch asked.

Senator Anning entered parliament in late 2017 as a replacement for One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts, who was disqualified from sitting in the upper house because due to his dual citizenship.

Senator Hanson kicked him out of the party on his first day when he refused to step aside and allow Mr Roberts to return.

After sitting as an independent in a loose alliance with other right-wing crossbenchers, Senator Anning joined Katter’s Australian Party before he was booted out after a few months over racist comments.

Everything is “racist” in the enlightened quarters. Which means nobody is or we all are.

Senator Anning has been branded a “disgrace” by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Australian leaders for blaming the Christchurch mosque massacre on Muslim immigration.

Anning is spot on and these creatures are disgraceful.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison echoed that sentiment, saying that Anning should “be hit with the full force of the law” for striking a 17-year-old boy, who smashed an egg over his head during a press conference on Saturday.

How perverse. Here’s our unelected PM telling the mob it is okay to attack a sitting senator by smashing an egg on his head, but the senator is a criminal when he defends himself?

When parliament resumes next month the coalition government and Labor plan to jointly move a censure motion condemning his comments.

But Senator Hanson doesn’t see the point of a censure motion.

“A censure isn’t going to prove, it’s not going to do anything … what is a censure? It will not prove a damn thing,” she said on Monday.

“The people will have their say, not politicians out there beating their chest about all of this.”

Our pollies are traitors. Across the board.

More than one million people have since signed a change.org petition to have Anning sacked from parliament. It is the largest online petition in Australian history.

Change.org is a Soros funded outfit that perverts everything. The million “people” who signed are most likely Mohammedans from Pakistan to Malaysia and from Qatar to Timbuktu.

Senator Anning says the mother of a teenage boy who broke an egg on his head should have slapped her son around a long time ago.

The Queensland federal MP also said he was acting in self-defence when he struck the Melbourne boy who’d just cracked the egg on the back of his head during a press conference on Saturday.

He also says a press statement in which he blamed the Christchurch mosque massacre on Muslim immigration was taken out of context.


“My father and mother could only come to this country because Whitlam abolished the last vestiges of the white Australia policy. The day after the white Australia policy was gone, Australia didn’t wake up and say that we’re no long a white nation.” Randa Abdel-Fattah
If we’re so bad and they’re so good then why did they come to settle here?

“Marginalised communities”

In the West, they are coddled minorities. There is no ‘oppression’. In countries that have been occupied by Mohammedans, infidel minorities have no rights. They are being systematically eradicated.


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  1. These islam-infecteds are well trained (in the Alinsky Method) Islamic agitprops. Our coward politicians commit acts of Treason for them.

    “Incarcerate” Traitor Authorities !!!
    “Incarcerate” Traitor (W)academics !!!
    “Incarcerate” Traitor (W)academics’ willing students
    … eg – William Connolly #(bad)EggThug!!!

    “Exterminate” islam-infecteds from Civilisd Societies !!!

  2. ALINSKY Method (What The Heck Is) ?

    (aka CHARACTER Assassination) !!!
    1. SMILE

    The Technique Being Used To Destroy Our Freedoms
    Albert V. Burns

    The “targets” of such manipulation rarely, if ever, realize how they are being manipulated.
    If they do suspect, they generally have no idea how to defeat the process.

    This method is being used at all levels of government to force meetings toward PRESET conclusions.
    There are three steps to defeating this process.
    They are simple to learn, if not always easy to put into practice since the Facilitators are well trained in agitation techniques.

    The first rule is:
    Always be charming, pleasant and courteous.

    Speak in a normal voice to avoid seeming to be belligerent or aggressive.

    Rule No. 2 is to

    Write your question or statement down in advance to help you stay on track.
    These Change Agents are trained to twist the conversation around to make the questioner appear foolish or belligerent or aggressive.
    The idea being to put the questioner on the defensive.
    Be careful!
    As mentioned in Rule 1, always be charming, pleasant and courteous (even if it kills you to do so!)
    Often an attempt will be made to change the subject, digress or distort your intent.
    Always bring them back to the question you asked!
    If they distort your question into what amounts to an accusation of them, simply state clearly and precisely:
    “That is NOT what I stated.
    What I asked was…
    “(here repeat your original question.)
    Do not be distracted or angered by their efforts to make you look bad.

    Rule No. 3:

    When the Facilitator realizes that putting you on the defensive is not going to work, quite often he, or she, will go into some long drawn out discussion of some unrelated or only vaguely related subject.
    Such a discussion may drag on for a number of minutes.
    The intent being to have the crowd become bored and forget what the original question was.
    Let them run on, then very calmly, ànd quietly but with determination drag them back to the subject by saying:
    “But you didn’t answer my question!
    My question was…”
    (again repeat your question.)

    Never, NEVER allow yourself to become angry.
    Anger directed toward the Change Agent makes him or her the victim.
    Their object is to become liked by the crowd, to be seen as a friend by a majority of those present to convince that majority the ideas of the Facilitator are correct and acceptable.

  3. “… Australia was founded as a white settler colony, based on the genocide, theft and disposition of the Indigenous people”

    There was no genocide. Theft of what? Then why, if the the muslim commentator is so outraged, at all these injustices which resulted in aborigines le now living in one of the best countries on earth, is she not leaving immediately?

    These ‘other’ are such hypocrites. Yes, they are ‘other’ – they’re not with us. A bunch of ignorant otherf#ckers?

    1. Projection. The Mohammedan agitprop is accusing us of what they have done and keep doing in all the lands they invaded. They annihilate or forcibly convert the natives and turn every land into a Mohammedan s#*thole.

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