Al BeBeeCeera has chosen Niqab as its “Wardrobe of Rebellion” on #InternationalWomensDay2019

The Niqab, the “wardrobe of rebellion”

Al BeBeeCeera is stuffed with Mohammedans and Marxist SJW’s. They don’t even realise how bad they suck:

has chosen Niqab as its”Wardrobe of Rebellion” on for us, over countless women of Muslim heritage defying this regressive attire while waving hijab flags to protest compulsory veiling.

Ex-Muslima Yasmine Mohamed is not amused:

I am beyond disgusted w the impressive ignorance of the West when it comes to supporting rape culture for us but not for themselves

But the New York Times is just as bad, if not worse than the BBC:

International Women’s Day is a socialist holiday that celebrates the whole woman, not just her womb, writes Kristen R. Ghodsee

Ayaan Ali Hirsi paved the way for countless women across the planet to fight against the misogyny they were born and bred in. The misogyny we internalized and perpetuated.Thank you for your bravery, Ayaan

Demo(c)rats condemn America:

Levin: ‘The hate-America Democrats passed a resolution telling you that America sucks’

The Democrats’ America sucks resolution. They’d rather condemn all Americans than condemn a single Jew-hater in their party. Truly sickening & perverse.

Ilhan Omar replaced Congressman Keith Ellison, who beat up his ex-girlfriend and got away with it. Keith Ellison is now Attorney General of Minnesota. This is (still) Obamerica!

“This resolution, cobbled together by the Democrat party leadership — which includes Jewish Americans — did not condemn Omar, Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez. It did not condemn anti-Semitism quaanti-Semitism. You know what it condemned? The American people. It condemned the American people as an anti-Semitic people, which we are not,” he said. “As a racist people, which we are not. As a homophobic people, which we are not. And down the list.”

Al BeBeeCeera has chosen Niqab as its”Wardrobe of Rebellion” on

Here’s another gem from a Mohammedan infil-traitor: